Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MRO and Ohio Musky

For those that don't already know......Ohio is one of the top producing Musky states in the country. Huge populations of wild muskies exist in a variety of watersheds throughout the state and we have been doing extensive research (fishing) for a number of years now! There are Musky all over the place, and MRO is your source for catching this fish on the fly!

Our very own Pat Kelly is guiding folks for these fantasic gamefish in a few select locations in Southern and Central Ohio. He guides out of his "Clacka" driftboat and can accomodate 1 or 2 anglers although he prefers one as it allows for a better chance for folks to land the fish of a lifetime.

MRO's Patrick Kelly and his "Unofficial" World Record Musky caught on a Fly in Ohio

Pat charges $425.00 for one angler and $500.00 for two for a float trip. All equipment and flies can be provided and you need to bring your own lunch. He will meet you at a designated location which will be determined a day or so before the trip depending on current conditions. He will not tell or advertise the names of the rivers that he fishes...and he shouldn't. He won't even tell us and we appreciate that...if you know what we mean.

You won't find a ton of information on this service on our website and this is on purpose. We are looking for a small, select group of dedicated Musky anglers and he only guides 1 day per week during the prime seasons....if that much. We are not looking to overfish or take advantage of this incredible fishery here in Ohio. If you are interested, please give us a call at the shop, 614-451-0363 and we'll be  happy to answer any questions.

Below is a short story written by our friend and customer Don Gregory. Don has been out with Pat three times now and this is an account of his trip on Monday, May 21st:

"The musky, fish of 10,000 casts, fish of dreams--- mine anyway.
While sliding the drift boat into a small Appalachian creek barely ankle deep at the put-in, I find it hard to believe that the piscatorial predator at the apex of the food chain could actually be living here. But always trust the hunch of Musky Pat, particularly when he guided you into your first musky on the fly.

Well… 10 minutes later, and within sight of the truck, a musky t-boned my oversized fly and I actually remembered to strip set. A musky caught, the pressure off. Did I sleep through my alarm?
A few dozen casts later, a second take. The hook set led to a series of gill rattling jumps and ferocious headshakes. A thick female well over 3 feet long eventually yielded to my sage 10 weight, and my personal best landed in the oversized net. Should we stop with perfection having only fished the length of a football field or simply sip a cold one to calm down before pressing on? Not a hard decision.

Another vicious strike and a THIRD musky fought with attitude all the way into the net. 3 for 3. A perfect day—right here in the Buckeye State.

My daddy taught me that it is sometimes better to be lucky than good. Well with Pat Kelly as your musky guide, you are lucky indeed."

Don Gregory- Columbus, Ohio

Don Gregory on a guide trip with Pat on 5/21/12

Please remember that we also feature Musky fishing up on Lake St. Clair with Captain Brian Meszaros. He is a Musky "Guru" in his own right and St. Clair is regarded as one of the top Musky destinations in the country.

Captain Brian and a Happy client on a St. Clair guide trip.

Musky season opens June 1st on Lake St. Clair and trips are booking now!!!

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