Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exciting Early Spring Events!

Exciting Early Spring Events and News:

Special guest: Jeff Liskay

Saturday, February 25

"Stepping Into Another World"

A program on Spey and Switch Style Fishing

Friend, guide, trip host and long rod extraordinaire Jeff Liskay will be giving a special presentation for us here at the shop. Things will get going around 11:00 and last until about 3:00 with a 1/2 hour break for lunch.
Topics covered will include:* What makes a steelhead tick* Rod Talk- Switch and Two Hand* Fly Lines- A-Z for the Great Lakes Tribs* Choosing the right cast* Sink Tips- The Right Tip for the Job* Go To fly patterns* Wade right in- presenting the fly on the swing

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Give us a call at 614-451-0363 to sign-up

Fly Fishing Film Tour in Columbus!

Thursday, March 8th

Gateway Film Center

Sponsored by: Trout Unlimited, Mad River Outfitters, Central Ohio Fly Fishers, Miami Valley Fly Fishers and Michael Decoteau.

All proceeds to benefit Project Healing Waters, Ohio Chapter

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Tickets available in the shop!

Very Special Guest:

April Vokey

Monday, March 12th

Fly Tying Masterclass: Tying Intruder Variations

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Just a reminder that there are some great deals to be had on our SALE Page. Tons of winter closeout and clearance items and more on the way!

It's also that time of year that some "one-offs", discontinued and a bit of used stuff starts showing up on our E-Bay store. Just added a few things this weekend and much more to come. Might want to check there occaisionally!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Layering and Insulation

Surely a few cold months of fishing ahead for most around here.....for some even more. What an important category. We feature "Layering and Insulation" products from companies like Simms, Patagonia, Orvis, Filson and more. Below are some of our featured favorites! All in stock and available in the shop or on the website.

Patagonia's capilene long underwear has set the standard in "long johns" for decades now. It is simply the best next-to-skin layering material that you can buy....period.

Capilene baselayers feature a moisture-wicking polyester fabric that dries and wicks incredibly quickly. Capilene polyester is also recycled, recyclable and features Gladiodor® garment odor control.

Capilene 3, or Midweight is surely the most versatile. It provides the perfect balance of wicking and insulation. It is by far the best selling weight that they make.

Capilene 1, or what we used to call "Silkweight", doesn't provide any insulation but is the most superior at wicking. For extreme situations or more aerobic situtions you may want this next to your skin for maximum wicking. We use the shirts as undershirts as well as for sun protection in the tropics.

Simms Merino Wool!

In the Fall of 2011, Simms introduced their Merino Wool long underwear. We really felt they did a great job and gave them a shot. We love the stuff and it has sold exceptionally well so far! The merino wool is exceptionally comfortable and the natural fiber is odor-resistant.

A great layering piece that has been around for a few seasons now. Simms Waderwick Fleece Top and Waderwick Fleece Bottoms. 2 way stretch 200 weight polartec fleece at a great price. These things are great and continue to sell well. Now in the Simms Orange!

Top of the Line!

The Simms Guide Fleece Top and Guide Fleece Pants are exceptionally cozy pieces of gear!
Exceptionally warm, comfortable fleece-ideal for layering in any situation. Fabric is smooth on the outside soft inside. Easy-in, easy- out and super comfy. Insulates with hardly any weight and never hinders mobility. Can get away with this as a general top as well and the pants CAN go from river to bar pretty well!

Maybe the most important Category.........Socks!

We do carry a great selection of socks from Smartwool and Simms. Both in the shop and Online.

New this Spring we are featuring the Simms Exstream Wading Sock and the new Liner Socks.

Absolutely one of the finest pairs of insulating type/wader pants we have seen! These have been selling equally as well in the "front" of the shop to casual folks looking to walk the dog or shovel a bit of snow.

It sure is nice to put on fleece-lined Nylon shell pants on a frosty morning headed out to the river. The DurapelPlus finish and COR3™ technology make this cold weather pant a winner.

And to top things off....the Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody. This thing is wildly popular, and pretty cool looking. DWR finish Softshell fleece at a great price!

Of course Gloves are a staple of any layering system. We feature a pretty good selection in the shop and online.

Shown here are the Simms Foldover Mitts. By far our best sellers but there are some other great choices on the site.

The Simms Gore-Tex Exstream Hat is a great choice for keeping the melon warm and dry.

Of course, many other choices in Hats to be found on our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this folks and of course any questions about "Layering and Insualtion"- give us a call or drop us an e-mail!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New to the shop! The fabulous Bertucci Field Watches

Mad River Outiftters is proud to now be a dealer for the fantastic Bertucci Field watches!

If you could own only one good would be a watch well suited for most of life's endeavors. It would need to possess the qualities of durability, singularity of purpose, and versatile styling. In essence, equally rugged and refined, with an understated, classic and enduring design. This is how they approach watches at Bertucci, in the only way that they original and authentic way!

Their story is a simple one. It's about building a better watch. It's a Promise of Performance this is derived from a belief that innovative design and attention to detail matter. It is this focus and integrity that drive this company, an honest, true and authentic way. They believe if a watch is done right, it connects with you......creating an emotional touch point that says something about you, a personal expression well suited to your lifestyle.

Bertucci Performance Field Watches balance form and function, with an enduring style and rugged quality that are ready to survive the day to day challenges that come your way.....whatever that may be.

You'll feel it the moment you wrap a Bertucci watch around your wrist. You'll notice the innovative and ergonomic design, quality materials, and premium features that went into it. That's no accident. It's the result of their Durability By Design certification process and the basis of their Promise of Performance.

When they create a watch, they study the ways in which it will be worn and used by people that demand the most from the products they depend on in the real world. This approach requires a balance of form and function.....designing, engineering, and manufacturing with an attention to attention to performance.

* Durable U.S. patented DX3 Design Case- integrated unbreakable band lugs/pins

* Rugged Screw Down Crown

* Screw Down Case Back

* Hardened mineral or sapphire crystals

* Long lasting and comfortable two-ply U.S. patented nylon bands or top grain USA Made leather bands

* Designed with an attention to detail and performance

* Reliable all metal precision quartz Swiss or Japan made movements

* High performance Solid Titanium or Solid Stainless Steel cases

In the end, each Bertucci watch offers long lasting durability. Simply put, Bertucci watches perform like no other watch because they're built like no other watch!

Check Out our selection of Bertucci watches in the online store!

Don't see what you want there? Please remember that we can special order any product that Bertucci makes. We'd be happy to!!

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