Friday, April 23, 2010

"Steelhead Alley" Smallmouth!

Starting in Late April and early May, Small Mouth Bass start to migrate into the Lake Erie Tributaries and around Presque Isle Bay. Bass from 3 to 5 pounds can be caught on everything from top water flies to large streamers and leeches. Fly fishing for Small Mouth Bass has become extremely popular for anglers around the region, and it as exciting as fly fishing gets on 5wt gear. If you are into warm weather, sight fishing, and hard fighting fish this type of trip is for you!

Guided Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Erie Tribs!

Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass Trips Include:(May thru July)-8 Hours with a licensed professional fly fishing guide. All reels, rods, flies, leaders,and tippet if needed. Streamside lunch and refreshments. Angler only required to have valid fishing license! Wade and boat trips available.

These trips will be guided for MRO by our friends and partners over at Steelhead Alley Outfitters!

See the "Guide Service" page of the website for further details and pricing.

See the "Photo Albums" for some recent photos of Erie Smallmouth on the Fly

To book a trip:

call us at 614-451-0363 or e-mail:

Mad River Outfitters- Guide Service for Smallmouth Bass

Erie Tribs, Local Central Ohio Streams and Lake St. Clair

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jerry Darkes and MRO

Way back in the winter of 94/95, within months of opening our doors at MRO...we met Jerry Darkes. He had recently given up his day job and was now a full-time rep in the fly fishing business.
That spring Jerry introduced us to the Erie Steelhead fishery and a solid friendship/partnership was born!

Brian and Jerry- 1996?

Jerry is truly one of the most recognized names in the Midwestern fly fishing arena. He basically pioneered the steelhead fishery here in the Erie region and still serves as a Steelhead Guide for us as well as our friends at Steelhead Alley Outfitters. His writings have been published in almost every major fly fishing publication out there. He is a veteran teacher and lecturer and if you have been around at have crossed his path!
Jerry is also very passionate about warmwater fly fishing and is resposible for our new relationship with Captain Brian Meszaros up on Lake St. Clair. Also watch for another announcement from Jerry/MRO about more warmwater fly fishing opportunities in the area.

In 1997, Jerry and Brian Flechsig embarked on a series of DVDs about the Erie/Great Lakes Steelhead fisheries. The first DVD was entitled "Steelheading Made Simple" and continues to sell well to this day! Although nothing "ground-breaking", it provides a solid foundation of knowledge for those looking to fish "The Alley". Not to mention, while filming, Jerry landed a fish that was estimated at 21lbs!!!!

Brian and Jerry then released a follow-up with "Chasing Silver" as well as the fly tyer's "Cool Flies for Hot Fish". Jerry has also released a few titles of his own including the documentary "Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles"

You can learn more about Jerry and his adventures on his blog:

Mad River Outfitters has now teamed up with Rockwell Springs Trout Club near Sandusky and Jerry Darkes will be teaching a few Schools/Clinics up there on our behalf.

This is a great venue....with a great instructor.

The 1st one is this weekend and there are a few spots open if anyone is interested!

Jerry Darkes/MRO Trout School- April 10th and 11th
*lodging included

Jerry Darkes/MRO Trout Class- Saturday, May 1st

see this link here for pricing and details on these classes-

Look for Fall dates to be announced with Jerry as well as some exciting new Warmwater opportunities this Summer!