Thursday, April 28, 2022

Ohio Fly Fishing Forecast 04/28/22

This week's fly fishing forecast is live on the Ohio Fly Fishing Guides blog!

Guide Josh McQueen provides an update on Lake Run Smallmouth, Steelhead, Trout and Musky fishing. Check out the full report over on the OFFG blog!

Pictures from the past week:

Flows have been ideal for streamer fishing on the Mad River.

John L. with a nice pre-spawn Smallie on a recent guide trip with Pat Kelly.

Guide Josh Trammell having some fun with underwater shots of Lake Run Smallies.

Mitch H. with a Rainbow Trout from a recent guide trip with Katie Johnstone.

Another nice Brown Trout caught on the Mad River.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

This NEW Retro Style Fly Fishing Reel is BACK!


In this video, Brian Flechsig from Mad River Outfitters talks about Orvis bringing back the legendary CFO Fly Reel and talks about the features on the NEW Orvis CFO Fly Reel. We're seriously excited about this.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

SAGE R8 Core Fly Rods, Here's Everything You Need to Know.


Introducing the Sage R8 Core Fly Rods.
The Sage R8 Core Fly Rod is Finally here.

Last week Sage released their highly anticipated R8 Fly Rods. So in light of the launch, here is everything you need to know about the new Sage R8 Core Fly Rods.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Ohio Fly Fishing Forecast 04/08/22

This week's fly fishing forecast is live on the Ohio Fly Fishing Guides blog page!

Guide Josh McQueen provides an update on the Mad River, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead and Lake Run Smallmouth. Check out the full report over on the OFFG blog page or see below for a quick breakdown.

Mad River

Nymphing deep holes with Trophy Nymphs or Pheasant Tail Nymphs has been productive. There have not been any signs of Hendricksons yet. 

A beautiful Mad River Brown Trout!

Rainbow Trout

There have been some midges hatching at the Clear Fork River. Nymphing and swinging Wooly Buggers has been very productive.

A big Rainbow Trout from this season!


There are still plenty of Steelhead in the system. The rivers to the west of Cleveland are starting to get low and clear. The rivers to the east of Cleveland are in better shape and have more fresh fish.

Guide Ben Phipps having a good time with his client up in Steelhead Alley!

Lake Run Smallmouth

A couple lake run Smallmouth have been seen in the rivers. We will start to see more entering the system in the coming weeks!

Click here for the full report.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Ohio Fly Fishing Forecast - 03/24/2022

New Ohio fishing report!

There is a new Ohio fly fishing forecast video on the Ohio Fly Fishing Guides blog! Guide Josh McQueen provides an update on Steelhead Alley, the Mad River and other local trout streams. He also gives a brief breakdown on what is happening with Musky, Pike and Smallmouth fishing.

Click here to hear his full report.

A beautiful Steelhead from earlier this week!

Fishing in Steelhead Alley has been off to a great start!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

NEW! Sage R8 Core Fly Rods


Coming.....April 5th!

Sage - Emerging This April // Revolution 8

"When we are out on the water, we’re in a different place. We’re more connected, more focused, more in the rhythm of our environment. With R8, we amped up the feel from tip to hand to enhance that state of mental flow and focus for a heightened fishing experience and greater control."

Watch the teaser video here:

Stay tuned here, MRO Social Media and of course for details as they arise.

Sage R8 Core Fly Rods go on Sale Tuesday, April 5th!

833 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214


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Monday, January 24, 2022

We Have BIG News...


Mad River Outfitters has become a place that fly anglers around the world call their home base for everything fly fishing. From learning the basics of the sport, to buying their favorite fishing flies and so much more.

Over 27 years ago Brian Flechsig took a risk and started a family owned fly shop named after his favorite local river in Central Ohio. From that point on the Mad River Outfitters team has made it their goal to welcome the world to the fly fishing sport.

So to celebrate our 27th-and-a-half birthday, we’ve decided to re-introduce Mad River Outfitters to the world and in-particular the world of fly fishing again. 


So let’s talk about why we decided to give MRO a face lift.

The MRO Angler has been around since the beginning itself, back in 1994. His giant reel that tied in the ‘O’ on Outfitters and his left hand cast and right hand retrieve were all quirks that represented the ‘classiness’ of the fly fishing sport. We’ve always felt the logo reminded us of late 19th Century fly fishing or the classic American drama, A River Runs Through It (1992).

Mad River Outfitters Website in 1999 (left) our website today (right)

Since the early nineties, we at Mad River Outfitters feel the fly fishing sport has evolved in so many ways. The sport of fly fishing is far more than fishing for trout in small streams and is now obsessively practiced across the world. We felt it was time to bring our logo into the 21st Century.
We wanted something that evolved our brand, not revolutionized it. Something that held on to the classiness of the sport of fly fishing and emphasized the sportiness of it as well.


Some of the many iterations of what would eventually help develop the new Mad River Outfitters logo & watermark.

We wanted our new watermark (i.e., the text portion of the logo) to represent the sportiness of fly fishing, but also to retain the comforts of the sport, it’s classiness, it’s old school late 19th Century feel. We also wanted it to feel like you were out in nature or at a National Park.


Retro MRO Angler (left) and the new MRO Angler (right)

The Mad River Outfitters Angler has become as significant as the words on our logo over the years. Seeing him instantly reminds you of who we are. So we wanted to give him a setting to fish in and to finally change his right hand to a left hand retrieve.


We knew from the get-go that we couldn’t stray away from our original green. It’s been ingrained in our brand for decades now. So we decided to give it an honorary name of it’s own: ‘94 Green. To compliment our old school color scheme, we wanted to give our new logo some utility, so we added three new flavors to the mix: Deep Green, Fly Line Green and Bone White.

‘94 Green on Bone White, some of our new colors.

One thing that was difficult about our Retro Logo was its modularity (or lack thereof). It was horizontal, we couldn’t use it in square or even circular formats. So we put a lot of thought into that element with our new logo design.

Our new Mad River Outfitters badge (above) and some of the many new variations (below)

We’re super excited about our refresh for our 27th-and-a-half Birthday (and a little bit nervous). But after a lot of work, thought and intentionality, we think we’ve finally landed on something that can only help solidify Mad River Outfitters’ mark on the sport of fly fishing, even more.

We also can’t wait to show you just how much more we have in store... Stay tuned.

We couldn’t leave out our favorite game fish!

Since ‘94 (above) and our full logo (below)  

Homage to Brian & Flip (above) and the Mad River Hatter (Below)

Mad River Women (above) and Mad River Musky (below)

Mad River Outfitters

833 Bethel Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43214