Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sharkskin Fly Lines

We at MRO usually aren't ones to jump on the industry bandwagon. Usually takes a bit for us to "warm-up" to what our vendors "tell" us.......especially when it comes to a $100 fly line!
After a few seasons now under our belt.....the verdict is in: Sharkskin is awesome! We love it!

Don't believe us? Here is what Kelly Galloup had to say recently:

"After a season on the Sharkskin all I can say is that I am a full on Skin Junkie. I admit I wondered if the line was worth a hundy but after using it I am convinced it is the best line on the market. If the line truly lasts even a season or two longer than the other lines it is worth the extra cha-ching, and maybe even if it didn’t.

The line not only cast further and easier than any other line on the market, but wait; yes! it talks to you as it does it. I wasn’t sure I liked that when I first used it, but now I wonder where the sound is when I use other lines. But that is not what sold me. I personally think the whole “cast further” thing is a crock of crap. You can only fish so far out and I don’t care how good you cast. The key to fishing is being able to control the fly on the water ( on line mendability ). Sharkskin allows me to mend the line on he water in ways I could not with any other line. This ease of control is what makes the line the best in the business. The line companies are always talking about how far this and that line can cast…I say it doesn’t mean squat. This line will make you a better anger for what it can help you do in close while you are fishing, and that may be the first real improvement in lines in decades.

Like I said I am a total shark Skin junky and I think this line will help any angler, regardless of their skill level, become a better angler through increased on water mendability–Which is what fishing is all about."

Kelly Galloup- author, lecturer and owner of the Slide Inn

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