Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Truly the world's best "fishing kayaks"......and the world is starting to take notice!

"Kayak of the Year 2010"- Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing Classics

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New!- Freedom 12 Ultralight

47 lbs with the outriggers removed!

Details on the new boats available on the website via the links below!

Want to try a Freedom Hawk Kayak?

Freedom Hawk Kayaks
FREE Demos/Trial

Wednesday, June 23rd 6-8 p.m. and Wednesday, July 21st 6-8 p.m.

* These two demos will be held at Griggs reservoir near the shop and will feature our sales rep Jerry Darkes and Walter Shockley of Ohio Kayak Fishing.com. We will have a Freedom 12 and a Freedom 12 Ultralight on hand. Call the shop to let us know you are coming and stop by to pick up a map on the way.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fly Fishing for Carp

Mad River Outfitters- your full-line "Carpfitter"

Outfitters for Carp on the Fly

It really got started back in 1996 when a guy named Jim Andrix started working at Mad River Outfitters. He was often heard to say that he was "Not much of a trout fisherman.....prefer my smallmouth and my carp". Not something heard very often in a fly shop, especially back then. The more we started talking though, the more we found folks who agreed. The carp are a fantastic gamefish on the fly rod. It was just that few people were willing to publically admit that they were "Carp fishermen"

Then, in 2002, we came out of the closet! "Carpin" was released and featured MRO's Brian Flechsig, fly fishing legend Dave Whitlock, Jerry Darkes, Jim Andrix himself and the late Dr. Steelhead...Michael Bennett. The movie takes a lighthearted look at the sport of catching Carp on a fly rod. It was a ground-breaking work in the industry and still holds it's value almost ten years later. It is one of the few of it's kind right now in the industry!!

We had also started "Guiding" for carp on a few pieces of water in Central Ohio and developed quite a client base. Late June and July became a busy season for us once the "Mulberry Hatch" was on! Muzzy Lakes Club, one piece of water that we work on features some of the best Mulberry fishing that we have ever seen! This was so much fun that it attracted the likes of Dave and Emily Whitlock every season. The photo above is Emily's 1st Carp on the Mulberry. Lefty Kreh even joined us one year and afterwards made a call to his buddy Flip Pallot. A year or so later we filmed a "Walker's Cay Chronicles" that aired on ESPN......and the rest is history!

Today the tradition continues.......

We now feature the talents of MRO's Andy Jensen and his "Fly-n-Carp". Andy has a full-blown "Ohio Flats Boat" and can be found poling the shores of Alum Creek and Muzzy Lakes Club with anglers from around the Midwest who are looking to experience the thrill of Ohio Flats Fishing. Andy will also be conducting a "Carp School" to be held at the Muzzy Lakes. This Summer's class falls on Sunday, July 18th and is limited to 6 students!

We also feature some killer carp trips with Captain Brian Meszaros and his Great Lakes Fly Fishing LLC. Brian is legendary for his muskie and smallmouth fishing but also puts customers on crazy numbers of carp during May, June and July.

For more information on our Professional Guide service for Carp, be sure to see the links below or the website under "Guide Service".

Mad River Outfitters

Your source for Carp on the Fly!

Useful Links:

Fly Fishing for Carp- good links here

Carpin'- the DVD

Carp Fly Department- one of the few online

"Carp School"- Sunday, June 18th 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andros Island Bonefish Club

Back in early May I received an e-mail from good friend and GREAT customer Dr. Jeff Innes. Seems he was going to be in Florida for a rendezvous with his son in late May and they were looking to do some fishing. Jeff knows to call and knows that we won't steer him wrong.....and we didn't.

After making a half dozen phone calls or so to my list of preferred guides that we work with I was a bit discouraged. All of our contacts were booked solid. Nothing available until mid to late Summer...but I knew I had an ace in the hole.

I called Jeff back and let him know that it was looking like we wouldn't find a guide. At least not one that I knew and recommended. Then I mentioned Andros.

I could HEAR Jeff's eyes light up over the phone. It didn't take more than a few more phone calls and he and his son were set-up for three days of fishing and four nights lodging at the Andros Island Bonefish Club.

Alex Innes, Jeff Innes and Shawn Leadon

Jeff made it very clear that Alex was not an accomplished angler and in fact this would be his 1st trip with fly rod in hand. I assured Jeff that they would have a great time! I called the club and made it very clear as to what we were dealing with and could they please set Jeff and Alex up with a guide that was patient and willing to help. We couldn't have done better than to put him with Shawn Leadon, one of the best bonefish guides on the planet and son of the owner....Rupert Leadon. Shawn did a bang-up job as always!

We'll make a long story short here. This is the note that I received from Jeff on 5/27/10:

"Brian, WOW! Great trip. We caught about 17 bonefish each and this was Alex's first fly fishing trip. Thanks for helping set it up. I'll get the equipment back next week.- Jeffrey T. Innes M.D."

The pics tell the rest of the story!

Dr. Jeff Innes on Andros

Alex Innes- Andros Island Bonefish Club

Jeff Innes with a beauty on Andros

This is what we do. We help people to catch fish.

Of course it makes the job easy when you get to work with folks like Juliet, Rupert, Marion and guides like Shawn. We have been working with these folks for over ten years now and it is truly a pleasure. Rest assured, we'll be back soon.......and so will Jeff and Alex!

Brian Flechsig- May 2010

Mad River Outfitters Bonefish Trips
November 6th- 13th with Brian
February 19th- 26th with Andy
Click Here for details on these and other great Fly Fishing Trips......or just call!!