Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New! Orvis Silver Sonic Waders


Orvis developed and patented the technology to construct waders using sonic welds, which are stronger than stitched seams, and are inherently waterproof as opposed to seams where threads are stitched through fabric. Their original Pack and Travel SonicSeam Waders were of minimalist design- no bells and whistles, just lightweight, durable waders- in fact so durable that original field testers are still wearing four-year old waders that have not developed a single leak.

To construct these waders, Orvis developed a proprietary nylon fabric that is extremely strong and abrasion resistant. (The polyester fabric used on conventional waders turns to ash when subjected to the sonic welding process.) In conventional waders, fabric is overlapped and sewn with thread, and the seam holes must then be covered with waterproof seam tape. Seams on Orvis SonicSeam Waders are edge welded with an ultrasonic proceses producing a slim, totally waterproof seam that is stronger than a conventional sewn seam. (Although the seams of the Orvis Sonic Waders are already 100% waterproof, they still use seam tape for added insurance.)

In fall 2012, Orvis will introduce their Silver Sonic Convertible Top Waders, with added features requested by guides and anglers who had grown to love the originals. The new Silver Sonics offer true ergonomically sculpted feet for more comfort and better fit, and more pockets, including a double airlock waterproof pocket for cell phones and compact cameras. A roll-down feature for the uppers transforms chest waders into waist waders instantly, without removing the suspenders. Seam strength has been improved even more, with a new process that offers 50% stronger seams.

"Ok, I will admit that I have not been a big fan of Orvis waders. However, the sonic welded waders have been impressive. I will guide well over 200 days a year, these waders have held up to the severe thrashing of sliding over rocks, willows, beaver sticks, slamming in a car door, etc. This is the first wader that I would recommend without hesitation. Love the suspender system."

Bubba Smith
Head Guide
Fisheads of the San Juan

"The sizing is right on the money, I can't believe the difference in the size change, these are great! They are very light feeling on the body, breathe quite nicely and so far have not had any leaks. I also like the sizing down by the calf and the ankle which makes getting in and out of them very easy unlike some other popular brands. I am tickled to have the extra pockets as well- I use them all. These are a winner!

Wayne Aldridge
River Of Life Outdoor Adventures

The new Orvis Silver Sonic Waders are available now through Mad River Outfitters and the retail price is $259.00

Mad River Outfitters
813 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214