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Mad River Outfitters Peacock Bass Trips

Mad River Outfitters

Peacock Bass Trips

Truly some of the most exciting and successful trips that we offer!

* You get to Manaus, Brazil (4.5 hrs from Miami) and we do the rest!

* All types of tackle welcome although we specialize in fly fishing

* Two trips per year and we can also book outside of those dates

* Mad River Outfitters host along to ensure that you have the trip that we promised you

Featuring: Unique Floating Cabin System

This cabin system allows us to get you to places where other types of operations cannot go!!!! They also move these camps 10-15 miles per day which allows you to see 80-100 miles of river during your week-long trip!

Here are some photos from our most recent trip in January 2013 which was hosted by our own Patrick Kelly. A group of 8 anglers landed 1,564 peacock bass for the week......really!

Larry Liebert and his home for the week!

Larry had an incredible week and is slated to go back in January of 2014. He was in the shop a few weeks after the trip and we asked him about it...He said "Not only was that the best week of fishing I ever was the best week of my life!!!" 

Part of the reason as well was that he got to share the fishing trip of a lifetime with his son Josh Liebert.

Bob Asmuth from Colorado...also planning a return in 2014 and this time plans to bring his son. 

Patrick Kelly was the host on this trip in January. Being a Musky guru here in Ohio, he's pretty familiar with big predators but was still not prepared for the fight and action of the mighty peacock. He can't wait to go back and will be hosting a trip sometime in 2014 or 2015. 

And of course, Don Gregory. A friend and customer for nearly 20 years now and he's been on just about every trip that we offer. Here is what Don had to say about the trip:

"It is impossible to overhype a trip where 8 anglers catch over 1500 peacock bass in a week. Peacock bass fight harder than any fish in freshwater as demonstrated by the big one who straightened out a marlin hook. Even the smaller ones put a lot of bend into a nine or ten weight fly rod. And all of them have a stunning array of colors that are truly hard to believe. The peacock bass is the predator of the amazon, although the aggressive predator that hammered your fly can become prey a few minutes later when a nine foot pink river dolphin arrives.

The amazon is full of surprises. White sand beaches that put Florida to shame. Without a footprint anywhere. Hammocks at shore lunch. Caiman that take your fly. And air conditioning and an icy cocktail greeting you at the end of a hot day.

Some may want to read the “River of Doubt” (about Teddy Roosevelt’s harrowing trip down the Amazon a century earlier)before heading south, but there is no doubt that this is one trip not to be missed by the adventurous angler."

**Outfitters/Agents for Peacock Bass Trips**

January 17th- 25th, 2014 with host Brian Flechsig - This trip is now FULL

October 2014- TBA

January 2015- TBA

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