Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Bonefish 2010

Mad River Outfitters annual Fall Bonefish Trip

Andros Island Bonefish Club

Novebmer 6th- 13th 2010

As the story goes, it was 1999 and Lefty Kreh was making an appearance at Mad River Outfitters. During that visit, Brian Flechsig asked Lefty a very important question: "Where should we take our folks to show them the best bonefishing on the planet?"

"That's easy!" Lefty said, "Call Rupert". Rupert Leadon owns the Andros Island Bonefish Club and is simply a bonefishing "icon".

May of 200 found Brian and Jim Teeny at the camp with a group of 14 folks....and the rest is history. A solid partnership/friendship was formed between Mad River Outfitters and the Andros Island Bonefish Club that continues today. We currently offer two hosted trips per year and can always put together a special package for you or your group at any time.

The Fall 2010 group was a small one..but a special one. All but 1 on the trip were Andros veterans, and all pretty great friends.

We had good weather, great fun, and the fishing was as good as we have seen it. No kidding!

We go in November looking for numbers. The fish are schooling in preparation for winter/spawning and there are chances to see thousands of fish during a week. We were not disappointed! Although February is known for "big fish", we did see plenty of those as well on this trip. Many 5-6 lb fish were taken from schools and double digit fish were hooked.

Jack Dildine has been a friend and customer since the beginning. He became addicted to bonefish right here at the club in 2004 or so and he keeps coming back for more! Looks like he'll be booking a spring trip then surely joining "the group" in November.

This year we were able to re-unite Jack with one of his favorite guides of all time...Eddie. He is back in the rotation at the club and it was cool to have them fish together again. It's the guides that can make or break a trip and one of the main reasons that we keep coming back.

Thanks Eddie!

Sandy Heinz is Jack's full-time fishing partner. She goes where he goes and she usually out fishes him. She is a great gal and it's been fun to watch her grow in the sport.

Steve Ford is everywhere! We are sending him back to El Pescador in Belize over the holidays and then he's headed to Brazil with us in January. He'll tell you though that his favorite spot is AIBC. Steve has taken virtually every trip that we have offered over the past five years and now visits the bonefish club twice a year.

He's a special guy and we are sure glad that he's addicted to fly fishing!!

A great shot of Steve demonstrating the BUFF. This is how bonefishers look these days! It is truly amazing how many of these things you see in the tropics. Every guide has 2 or 3 on the boat and everybody in camp has them. Probably one of the most important pieces of gear that you can have these days......if you want to keep coming back!

Check out our selection of BUFF products!

Dave Kitchen may be the class clown but he sure can fish! This was Dave's 5th Fall with us at the club and it's been great to watch him grow in the sport of bonefishing. One thing is for sure though, Dave enjoys the "afterparty" just as much as he does the bonefishing. He's a hoot!

What a great guy to be around and we are honored that he travels with us. Dave had a great trip this year and is already making payments on next Fall. He also bought the new Xi3 5wt so he has to go back......read about it below.

Ben Hunting is from Ada, Michigan and also joined us on the trip. Ben is our SAGE/Redington/Rio sales rep as well as Tibor, Action Optics and a few others. He was a great guy to have along and he's a fantastic angler. We have been doing a ton of business with him and he said that he wanted to return the favor so he signed up for the trip.

He's already making plans to return and we wouldn't be surprised if he was part of the November 2011 group.

Here is a shot of Ben with guide Brian Leadon. Brian is one of Rupert's sons and has been guiding our groups since the beginning. As we have said many times before, it's the guides that make the trip and the Bonefish Club features some of the best in the business. It's been fun to watch these guys grow up on the flats.

The trip was hosted by Brian Flechsig himself. It has been a while since Brian was able to spend a week on the island but he pulled it off this year. His bonefish addiction is as gripping as ever!!! Looks like he will be hosting the 2011 November group as well.

On Wednesday night, Brian had his hair done in "corn rows" and beads by our friend Keisha. It took two hours but he claims that it was well worth it. "I caught more fish on this trip than I have in years and I attribute it to the harido and the beads"

He may have changed his mind after the "full cavity search" on the flight home though. He's not saying much about it now.

As we have stated, the fishing was fantastic! Some folks had a few days of double digit hook-ups and a few folks over 20!

Countless doubles also- common in November!

As always, the "after fishing" part of the trip was nearly just as much fun as the fishing. Some very solid friendships have been formed while sitting at the "Andros Bar".

Ben Hunting happened to bring along the new SAGE Xi3 8'9" 5wt fly rod. SAGE's only 5wt outfitted for Saltwater fly fishing. The thing was fantastic! It casts like a dream, cuts right through the wind and had no problems handling 6-7 lb bonefish. Dave Kitchen was on the phone Monday morning after the trip and ordered his!

When the wind blows, which it normally does in the salt, most folks will opt for a heavier line weight. The thinking is that the more powerful rod will help "push" the line, leader and fly into the wind. Lefty says that this is backwards......they should go lighter!!!

The basic principle is this: The same amount of line speed is generated with a 2wt as with a 12wt. So therefore...which is easier to push into the wind, a thick 9wt line or a thin 5wt line? You just answered the question. The windier it gets, the lighter your fly rod should be!!!! This 5wt will certainly not be your "go to" bonefish rod but it is a great and much needed addition to the Xi3 family of fly rods.

Thanks for reading friends and if you ever wish to go bonefishing......we hope that you will think of Mad River Outfitters. We'd love to set you up!!!

Mad River Outfitters

Andros Island Bonefish Club

* February 19th- 26th, 2011

with host Andy Jensen

* November 5th- 12th, 2011

with host Brian Flechsig

Private/Individual bookings available any time!

Mad River Outfitters

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Louie Louie

Introducing the Louie Louie Leech!

Wow are we excited to bring these new flies to the market! Thanks to our friend and designer Tony Pagliei....this is a really cool new "system".

The Louie Louie Leech is an ultra modern articulating rabbit strip streamer with an arctic fox tail belly for a full bodied silhouette tibe on a tube. Add in two oversized hackles with some Flashabou sandwiched between and topped off with a Eumer Monster cone to boot. Now you have what may be the ultimate "swing fly" creation that transmits lifelike movement and flare driving fish crazy!

Did we mention that this fly features a major breakthrough in "stringer rigging" technology:

Stringer Rigging a Louie Louie Leech

Instructions for the Surgeons Loop Knot and adding the hook & bead too!

-Take the end of your tippet and double it to form a loop of the required size.

-Tie an Overhand Knot at the desired point, leaving the loop open. -Bring the doubled line through the loop again.

-Hold the line and the end part together, and pull the loop to form a knot.

-Insert loop through the bead and slide bead up the leader near the leech.

-Then pinch the Surgeons Loop tightly and insert through the hook eye.

-Slip the loop around the hook point and tighten at the hook eye.
-Slide the bead down to the hook eye and jam the knot into the junction (hook holding) tubing and your "stringer rig" is complete!

Each leech comes with (1) size 4 Daiichi Bleeding Red Octopus Hook and (2) 6mm Chaser Beads for the stringer rig. This is a 1st of it's kind creation! Can you say "Egg Chasing Leech"? It gives an approaching gamefish an instant "egg" targer or strike point to bite your tube fly on the swing.

Louie Louie Leeches are available in four colors- Purple Haze, Slime Green, Hare's Ear and Think Pink.

We also feature the componenets to "Make Your Own"- great new products from T. Pags Co. Custom Tube Fly Products

6mm Chaser Beads

Daiichi Red Octopus Hooks

And more from Tony, HMH and Eumer.

For more on the Louie Louie Leech and the products see the new website-


For more information on Tube Flies in general- see Tony's other webiste-


Mad River Outfitters

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steelhead New and News

The leaves are falling and heading to the lake....A bit of snow in the forecast for Cleveland this weekend........

Steelhead Season is here and guide trips are booking now! Mad River Outfitters is working as hard as ever to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to Great Lakes Steelhead on the fly!

Tons and tons of news and new steelhead products can be seen HERE! Full listing of New and Newsworthy to be found there with links!

Breaking News!!!!!!

Mad River Outfitters has again teamed up with old pal Tony Pagliei and we are now the proud sponsors of http://www.tubeflytyer.com/. Great tube fly info, patterns, products and tutorials. Glad to have you back Tony! Check out his site and tell him we sent you.

Watch later this week for full details on Tony's new Louie Louie series of tube flies. A totally new and unique sytem that he calls "Stringer Rigging". We will be offering instruction, related products and even the flies themselves.

In the meantime....here's a teaser! Stay tuned..........

Mad River Outfitters

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New SA Mastery "Textured"

What is Mastery Textured?

Scientific Anglers "Mastery Textured Series" brings you the best of both worlds. Their tried-and-true Mastery Series lines in conjunction with their exclusive Microreplication technology.

They have given the surface of the lines a completely new patterned texture consisting of small round divots similar to golf balls. This texturing gives the new Mastery Textured fly lines a benefit of less casting effort, very little memory and increased durability.

How does it fish? Mastery Textured fishes with the same high performance you expect from all Scientific Anglers lines. You get more casting distance, less memory, and increased durability.

About the Tapers:

* Kelly Galloup Nymph/Indicator

The testers said "It will turn over a dead chicken". A totally new taper design with a big floating head and an orange tip for strike indication. Dsigned to redefine nymph lines by Kelly Galloup and the SA Lab. * Please note that only the front 3'5" of this line are bright orange- not the entire head as shown in the picture.

* GPX Taper

One of the best selling fly lines of all time just got better! SA's tried-and-true, half-heavy taper, probably the best performing trout line in the solar system.

* Coastal Express

This line was specifically built for inter-coastal fishing in the surf and chop designed with the help of SA Pro Todd Shetter. A short sinking head, a larger handling section and a slim running line for rocket like casts. Jerry Darkes has been using this line at the mouths of creeks for steelhead and Patrick Kelly this fall for Muskies in the creeks. They both LOVE this line!

* Saltwater Taper

SA's proven Saltwater design, now with their new Texture. A floating line designed for wading or deck fishing. Low memory, longer casting than a smooth line and a cool blue color to help camouflage the line.

Click Here to see more new products from Scientific Anglers

Click Here to see ALL of the new stuff for 2011!

Mad River Outfitters

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Steelhead Season!

Friend, rep, guide, author etc....Jerry Darkes took an evening's worth of R n R to do a bit of product testing at the mouth of the Chagrin River on October 19th.

Here is a lake-fresh male steelhead that hit a new pattern he and Jeff Liskay have been throwing in river mouth and breakwall areas. Tied on the Eumer Jighead tube with a healthy amount of the new Krinkle Mirror Flash (coming soon). The "Flash and Fall" pattern is proving productive and it too will soon be available at MRO. You can see the size 2 Daiichi hook firmly stuck in this chromers jaw and the fly has slid down leader, making unhooking the fish quick and simple.

JD was casting Scientific Angler's new Coastal Express line. A long, quick strip with a pause allowing the fly to "fall and flash" is triggering strikes. Pat Kelly has been using on Muskies recently and swears by it for the cooler weather!

Congrats to our friends Mamie and Kelly. A few pics here from an MRO guide trip on 10/20/10 on Elk Creek in PA. We set them up on a guide trip with Patrick Robinson of SAO and they had a great time (of course).

MRO serves as a full booking agent for guides like Patrick Robinson, Jerry Darkes, Jeff Liskay and more! See our website for full bios on all of our guides.

Stay tuned for more news and updates. Any day now we will be posting a page with links to all the cool new stuff out there for Steelheaders.

* Click Here for information on our Steelhead Guide Trips

* Click Here to check out our "Steelhead Central" page- cool links and charts

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MRO Welcomes Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

from the Naknek River Camp in Alaska

Friday, November 19th

see below for a link to full details!

Way back in 1990, MRO's Brian Flechsig led his first hosted fly fishing trip while working for Streamside Outfitters in Cincinnati. The trip was to Michigan for Salmon at the then famous Johnson's Pere Marquette River Lodge. It was there of course that he first met Jim and Phyllis Johnson and he continued to book trips with them until they sold the lodge.

Some solid friendships and partnerships were born in these early days in Michigan. Kelly Galloup would often guide for our groups and of course a solid partnership there has blossomed over the years. Charlie Weaver guided Brian on his 1st day of salmon fishing in Michigan and they quickly became a "Duo Act" and recorded the "Riversongs" CD which was released in 2002. It's nice to revisit the old days!

A few years ago we ran into Jim Johnson and he informed us that he had finally made his ultimate dream come true. He and his family had built a rustic lodge on the banks of the Naknek River in Alaska. Trophy rainbow and all 4 species of salmon right out the back door.....and a few 4 legged critters as well.

It took us a bit..but we finally got around to getting this together and we are thrilled to be working with Jim Johnson and family again!

Mad River Outfitters now serves as a full booking agent for the Naknek River Camp....."Alaska's Affordable Alternative" We are offering two hosted trips in 2011 but can also help you put together a trip of your own if you can't make our dates. Either way, you won't believe the pricing on these trips!

On Friday night, November 19th, Jim will be our guest in the shop. At 7:00 p.m. he will be giving a presentation on fishing the Katmai region of Alaska and of course be talking alot about the trips. This will be a great chance to "meet-and-greet" and Q & A about this fantastic new destination for MRO. See the full scoop at the link below and as always just let us know you will be attending the show!

MRO 2011 Alaska Trips

July 23rd- 30th with host Jerry Darkes

September 17th- 24th "Spey/Switch School" Trophy Rainbow special- with host Jeff Liskay

Other hosted trips announced recently:

Spring Steelhead on the Muskegon River

March 20th-23rd, 2011 Click Here

Slide Inn- Madison River

with Brian Flechsig and Kelly Galloup
August 7th- 13th, 2011 Click Here

Fall Salmon on the Manistee River
September 19th- 22nd, 2011 Click Here

Mad River Outfitters
Mad River Travel
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simms Wader Rebate

That's right friends!

Bring us or send us your old waders!

* We'll get you a $50.00 rebate on any Simms G3 Guide, G3 Guide Pant, B3 Guide Convertible, G4 Pro and G4Z waders.

* We can also get you a $25.00 rebate on any Simms Headwaters, Women's Headwaters and Headwaters Pant waders

It's really, really easy and all of our friends can participate! We'll even pay for you to ship them to us if you are an internet customer!! If you bring them to us, we'll also give you a $10.00 Gift Certificate to the shop. All you need to do is go to the Simms website and print out a voucher.

Full Details and the link below- promotion vouchers available from Simms from September 1st- September 30th 2010 and waders must be received by October 31st

For our internet/out of town customers:

1. Go to http://www.simmsfishing.com/site/recycled_wader_program.html - fill out the required information and print your unique wader voucher

2. Go ahead and order the pair of waders that you are interested in on our website- be sure that when you check-out, you write "Simms Wader Rebate" in the Order Notes section (the discount won't show at this point yet but don't worry)

3. Send your used waders along with the voucher to Mad River Outfitters (address below)- be sure to include a note and let us know how much it costs you to send them to us.....we'll rebate that also!

4. As soon as we get the trade-in waders, we'll process your online order and at that time will adjust the total to reflect the rebate. Again, we will deduct the appropriate amount as determined by Simms AND the amount that you paid to ship them to us!!

5. Your new Simms waders and a receipt will be on your doorstep- typically within 3-5 days!

Any questions please give us a call at 614-451-0363 or e-mail at admin@madriveroutfitters.com

Send Trade-In waders to:
Mad River Outfitters
813 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214

For our local friends:

1. Go to http://www.simmsfishing.com/site/recycled_wader_program.html - fill out the required information and print your unique wader voucher

2. Bring your Trade-in waders and the voucher to Mad River Outfitters shop in Columbus

3. We will get you the appropriate rebate as per the style of Simms wader AND we will hand you a $10.00 Gift Certificate to the shop

4. We will place the order for your new waders and they will be on your doorstep in 5-7 days in most cases.

5. We'll send your waders along to Simms and they will be properly recycled!

6. It's easy!

Any questions please give us a call at 614-451-0363 or e-mail at admin@madriveroutfitters.com

**Vouchers available September 1st, 2010- September 30th, 2010 and must be redeemed by October 31st, 2010

Mad River Outfitters

Your source for the Simms Wader Rebate Program

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mad River Outfitters- now a YETI dealer!

Mad River Outfitters

The source for YETI Coolers and accessories!

YETI Coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes with the way we work and play. Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially "disposable", a YETI is made to last!

Mad River Outfitters has become the exclusive dealer for everything YETI here in Central Ohio. We are also one of the few aggressively marketing these online.

* YETI lid latches are the same latches used on ATVs

* You can't break the handles on a YETI!

* Screw-in, gasketed drain plug is leak-proof and rugged

* YETI Coolers don't just close, they seal!

* YETI's full-length, integrated hinge system will not fail

Keep Ice Longer!

Keeping things cold is what a cooler is all about. With thicker walls, more than twice the insulation and a full-frame gasket, YETI out-performs the competition- it's not even close!

Here are a few quotes from folks you may know about their YETI coolers:

"I'm done! I've been buying coolers all my life! I'm through! DONE! FINISHED! I've got my YETI now. All I have to worry about now is what to put in it."- Flip Pallot

"Tough as Nails! YETI collers are truly incredible, easy to stand on as a casting platform or use as a seat. I found them to be very well built and tough as nails. I've never spent so little money on ice."- Jose Wejebe

"Lifetime Investment. In my world, a cooler is as important as a home refrigerator. Coolers have to be much more than just a place to keep cold drinks. They have to be a seat for a 300 pound man and a casting platform. I used to buy coolers frequently as the lid would be destroyed and they would no longer hold ice. No more! I have a YETI now!"- Tom Rowland

Mad River Outfitters

Your source for YETI Coolers and accessories

813 Bethel Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43214


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake Shawn Overnight- August 21st- 22nd

MRO Presents:

"Warmwater Overnight"

Saturday and Sunday

August 21st- 22nd

Join MRO and our guest hosts Jerry Darkes and Walter Shockley for a fun and informative overnight trip down to Southern Ohio's incredible Lake Shawn. Hybrid Stripers, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Hybrid Bluegill are in our sights. Most are excited about the stripers and should be....they are awesome. Lodging in the on-site cabins as well as three meals included in the price of the trip!

Jerry Darkes has been a friend, rep , guide and consultant to Mad River Outfitters for well over 15 years now. He also happens to be one of the best known names and celebrities in the Midwestern fly fishing circuit. His articles, DVD's and seminars have helped hundreds of anglers better their sport over the years.

Walter Shockley has become a quick friend of Mad River Outfitters and is just a simple pleasure to be around. His no B.S. approach to fly fishing and life in general is contagious. He is also the founder of http://www.ohio-kayak-fishing.com/ and obviously holds a special passion for fishing from Kayaks.

Jerry is the rep for Freedom Hawk kayaks and he and Walter will have a few of the boats for people to try. There are also john boats on the premises to use and float tubes/kick boats will be on hand to try as well. Jerry and Walter will also be doing some basic instruction on flies, rigging casting etc.

Lake Shawn was born in 1962. For the past 48 years the property has been owned and
managed as a sporting lake offering some of the best bass fishing and hybrid striper fishing in Ohio. The property consists of over 108 total acres and 30 acres of crystal clear deep water. Some areas of the lakes are as deep as 40 feet providing a perfect habitat for numerous varieties of sport fish. Lake Shawn is located in southeastern Ohio six miles west of Powhatan Point on State Route 148 in Belmont County, approximately a 2.5 hour drive from the cities of Cleveland and Columbus and 1.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh, PA.

The lakes are stocked on a year round basis with a variety of sport fish. All fish are raised on site and great care is taken to preserve the abundance of fish currently thriving in the lakes. It is not uncommon in a days fishing to catch large numbers of smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, perch, crappie, catfish, bluegill, trout and large hybrid striped bass. All fishing is catch and release and overnight accommodations are available in our rental cabins.

Excited about the Hybrid fishing!!!

Great Largemouth!

Monster Hybrid Bluegill

Did we say stripers?

Here are a few details on the trip:

* arrive Saturday the 21st around 11:00 a.m.

* basic welcome/instruction/Freedom Hawk kayak demos

* fishing until dinner

* fishing until dark

* campfire/fish stories

* lodging in gorgeous on-site cabins

* fishing until breakfast

* fishing until lunch/instruction

* fish until 3:00 p.m. departure

* Introductory price of $295.00 per angler!!!!

Details on 2011 will be posted soon!

As always- give us a call at 614-451-0363 or e-mail at admin@madriveroutfitters.com if you have any questions or to sign up for this trip!