Monday, November 15, 2010

Louie Louie

Introducing the Louie Louie Leech!

Wow are we excited to bring these new flies to the market! Thanks to our friend and designer Tony Pagliei....this is a really cool new "system".

The Louie Louie Leech is an ultra modern articulating rabbit strip streamer with an arctic fox tail belly for a full bodied silhouette tibe on a tube. Add in two oversized hackles with some Flashabou sandwiched between and topped off with a Eumer Monster cone to boot. Now you have what may be the ultimate "swing fly" creation that transmits lifelike movement and flare driving fish crazy!

Did we mention that this fly features a major breakthrough in "stringer rigging" technology:

Stringer Rigging a Louie Louie Leech

Instructions for the Surgeons Loop Knot and adding the hook & bead too!

-Take the end of your tippet and double it to form a loop of the required size.

-Tie an Overhand Knot at the desired point, leaving the loop open. -Bring the doubled line through the loop again.

-Hold the line and the end part together, and pull the loop to form a knot.

-Insert loop through the bead and slide bead up the leader near the leech.

-Then pinch the Surgeons Loop tightly and insert through the hook eye.

-Slip the loop around the hook point and tighten at the hook eye.
-Slide the bead down to the hook eye and jam the knot into the junction (hook holding) tubing and your "stringer rig" is complete!

Each leech comes with (1) size 4 Daiichi Bleeding Red Octopus Hook and (2) 6mm Chaser Beads for the stringer rig. This is a 1st of it's kind creation! Can you say "Egg Chasing Leech"? It gives an approaching gamefish an instant "egg" targer or strike point to bite your tube fly on the swing.

Louie Louie Leeches are available in four colors- Purple Haze, Slime Green, Hare's Ear and Think Pink.

We also feature the componenets to "Make Your Own"- great new products from T. Pags Co. Custom Tube Fly Products

6mm Chaser Beads

Daiichi Red Octopus Hooks

And more from Tony, HMH and Eumer.

For more on the Louie Louie Leech and the products see the new website-

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