Thursday, March 29, 2012

Steelhead Season!!

Steelhead Season is On!!!

Truth has been for a while.

Guides have been out in full force the past few weeks with clients but have also been catching fish for months now. The Erie streams really never froze this "winter" and we have had steelhead around. January and February saw some of the best fishing in years! right now is pretty hot both in Ohio and Michigan and folks are out having a blast!

Last week we set old friend J.B. Howard and his crew up with SAO head guide Patrick Robinson. Of course we know Patrick always does a great job...but here is what J.B. had to say:

"Great day with Patrick - tough (warm) conditions but we persevered - headed back next week and look forward to several fall trips...

As always your endorsement of Patrick was understated - he was extremely hospitable, hardworking & competent - an ideal guide to spend a day in the water with....

Thank you all & please find a spot on the MRO site for our steelhead:)"

Always nice to get great feedback from happy clients......and yes we found a place for your pictures!!!

No doubt though...with the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing, we could be looking at an early close to the season. We'll see. Already guides starting to bang some really great smallies which is definitely an indication. Above is Rick Gostel last Friday with J.B.'s group. We should still have some decent steelhead fishing to be had for a few weeks but if you are thinking of a trip yet this it soon!!

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Michigan Steelhead Trips - Muskegon River

Our 1st run up to the Muskegon was a success. 22 fish landed in two days for Tony Nguyen (right) and Mick McMillin.....even despite 80 degrees and bright as a nickel conditions.

Mick McMillin on the early Muskegon Trip!

Our 2nd trip heads up April 1st with a full group hosted by Patrick Kelly. Full report and pics surely to come! We also serve as a full booking agent for the lodge and can set up a trip for you at any time!

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As always, Mad River Outfitters is working hard to serve as your source for Great Lakes Steelhead on the Fly!

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