Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New SA Mastery "Textured"

What is Mastery Textured?

Scientific Anglers "Mastery Textured Series" brings you the best of both worlds. Their tried-and-true Mastery Series lines in conjunction with their exclusive Microreplication technology.

They have given the surface of the lines a completely new patterned texture consisting of small round divots similar to golf balls. This texturing gives the new Mastery Textured fly lines a benefit of less casting effort, very little memory and increased durability.

How does it fish? Mastery Textured fishes with the same high performance you expect from all Scientific Anglers lines. You get more casting distance, less memory, and increased durability.

About the Tapers:

* Kelly Galloup Nymph/Indicator

The testers said "It will turn over a dead chicken". A totally new taper design with a big floating head and an orange tip for strike indication. Dsigned to redefine nymph lines by Kelly Galloup and the SA Lab. * Please note that only the front 3'5" of this line are bright orange- not the entire head as shown in the picture.

* GPX Taper

One of the best selling fly lines of all time just got better! SA's tried-and-true, half-heavy taper, probably the best performing trout line in the solar system.

* Coastal Express

This line was specifically built for inter-coastal fishing in the surf and chop designed with the help of SA Pro Todd Shetter. A short sinking head, a larger handling section and a slim running line for rocket like casts. Jerry Darkes has been using this line at the mouths of creeks for steelhead and Patrick Kelly this fall for Muskies in the creeks. They both LOVE this line!

* Saltwater Taper

SA's proven Saltwater design, now with their new Texture. A floating line designed for wading or deck fishing. Low memory, longer casting than a smooth line and a cool blue color to help camouflage the line.

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