Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As many of you know, MRO has been going through a "Growth Phase" and we are finally beginnging to see the light at the end of the long tunnel. We are so thrilled with how things are shaking out around here and looking forward to the next phase in this growth. That phase will be communicating and interacting with you all alot more.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was getting the right staff in place to make this all happen. Well...we have done that part.......

MRO would like to welcome to our team:

Ryan "Buff" Ratliff

While just a few years old his grandfather, uncles, great uncles and other family members began to instill him me a love for everything outdoors.  They taught him that it isn’t all about the casting or catching, but it is about the entire experience.  When he was around 10 a friend gave him an old Garcia fiberglass fly rod and a Sears and Roebuck fly reel. From that old fly rod, his love for tying flies, casting, feeling the stream around his legs, the feel of a rod deeply bent, and most importantly the love of sharing all of these experiences was born. 

Today most of his time is spent raising his kids and spending time with his wife while sneaking in fishing with them as much as possible.  Mad River Outfitters has been an important part of his life for years.   From his son’s first steps in the tying department and his daughter’s middle name being Tenkara to his first tying class in the early 2000’s this is very evident.  Now...he's part of the team! Ryan will be in the shop full-time and heading up the Fly Tying Department. He'll also be teaching a few classes and doing a bit of guiding for us.

If time allows, he loves tying flies, loading up the canoe, and pulling out the two-hander or Tenkara.  Looking back over all the memories that fishing has blessed him with, it is hard not to want to help others be able to make some memories of their own.  Sometimes these moments are on fishing trips, with his kids, or commonly with those he runs into along the journey.

Kevin Lottes

One day Kevin looked at a map of Ohio and suddenly realized he was surrounded by unexplored rivers and creeks. He was 36 years old before he picked up his first fly rod but has quickly become an addict.  He started fly fishing the Olentangy River for smallmouth. It wasn’t until later that same year he discovered MRO and realized if he had found our shop sooner it would’ve saved him many hours on the water trying to learn how to be a better angler on his own. He visited the shop often, called frequently with questions, visited the website daily and attended as many classes as he could.  Consequently, he caught more fish, some of which with flies he tied himself. You know the story. He was hooked. 

Since then he has become more proficient on the Mad and Clearfork for trout and enjoys exploring new waters and new species whenever he can. He is also a published author, produced playwright, handyman and ranch hand. Working with one of the largest and longest running fly shops in the country with some of the best professionals in the industry he is honored to be a part of MRO.

Kevin will be working in the shop part-time and will be helping out with a variety of tasks. We will also be putting his writing and creative skills to use.

**Whether dealing with them on the phone or in-person at the shop, we hope that you will all join us in Welcoming these two fine additions to our staff!!

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