Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hatch Outdoors at MRO

Mad River Outfitters now a full-line dealer for Hatch Outdoors fly reels and accessories!

It's a little like a disease or addiction. Your every thought is consumed by an insatiable need to chase fish on the fly. It's a state of mind that transcends the boundaries of normalcy and into the realm of abnormality. It's obvious you're sick- but who the hell wants to be cured of this affliction?

You're a Finatic!

By've heard of or seen the Finatic Series of Fly Reels- 

* Machined Reel Seat- The Original. A sold is always stronger than two pieces attached together. Also, by eliminating the screws you've eliminated the corrosion points.

* Dimension in the Frame- Hatch machined dimension in the frame to increase rigidity, strength and reduce lateral flex. With the reel and spool together you get virtually no lateral flex when you push/pull the two. This means the reel tracks truer and it eliminates the spool wobbling in high-speed runs.

* Frame/Spool Connection- Making a positive frame-to-spool connection is essential. On Hatch reels, they call it the "power flower". This unique design feature locks both together creating a bomb-proof fit.

* Cranks and Counterbalance- Unlike many manufacturers whose counterbalance is merely cosmetic, Hatch has made the two pieces the same weight to achieve true balance in the spool.

* Drag- They wanted it sealed- hence the drag cassette. They've employed a multi-disc stack in all models that is comprised of Rulon and precision stamped stainless steel discs. With multi-disc drag, you are applying braking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces rather than one-to-one surface braking on most drag systems today. This system virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick slip problems.

* Hook Guard- Keep those hooks tucked into the arbor of the reel and out of the way of your hands.

* Machined Finish- At Hatch, they don't polish their reels. Everyone else does, but they like the machined look. You can see the witness marks and high quality machining. No buff outs or cover-ups. It just didn't make sense to cover up what others can't match. It's more difficult, takes more time, but it's worth it.

* Spool Tension Nut- Designed to be easily taken on and off, with our without full gloves. The nut is press fit into the spool so it won't fall out into the water or your gear bag.

* Made in the USA- say no more! Simple.

Hatch Finatic Fly reels are all available in Black, Clear/Black, Clear/Red, Clear/Blue and Clear/Green. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for on our website or in the shop....just let us know. We can EASILY get anything...any color....any combo that you want.

Want line on that? Buy a reel, buy a line....and then tell us which hand you retrieve with. You can put this in the "Order Notes" (1st page of the shopping cart). We'll load the fly line on with the PROPER amount of backing and tie you up some good knots. NO NEED to BUY backing!!! We'll throw it in for FREE with the rigging as well.

Buy a reel, buy a line and tell us which hand you retrieve with. We'll do the rest!!! you know about the reels. But did you know.......

* The Hatch Nomad Pliers- simply the best that money can buy!!!

The I-Beam arms are crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum and protected with Type II andodizing. The cutters are made from Tungsten Carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable cuts through all fishing line material. The jaws are machined from 17-4 stainless steel made for ultimate corrosion resistance. Nomad pliers come with a custom Hatch bungee lanyard and black leather sheath. Come in Red, Blue or Clear colors. Made in the USA!!!

* And so are the Nippers! Hands-down the "Best in Class"

The Hatch Nipper is hands-down the best in the business! Winner of the 2015 IFTD Best of Show Accessory Award. 

The Hatch Nipper is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum and protected with Type II Anodize. The replaceable cutters are made from tungsten carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable cuts through mono and fluorocarbon materials (not to mention the only one that cuts braid with ease).

Comes with a sweet lanyard that is made from over 6 feet of 550 paracord and has a split ring for attaching the nippers and a "breakaway" release buckle at the neck. Black, Clear, Red and Blue are the colors available.

Made in the USA- both nippers and lanyard!!

Serving anglers the finest products and service that the industry can offer since 1994! Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every level.

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