Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is always an event we look forward to. For many years now, it's been a huge privilege of ours to see the Ohio fly fishing community come together to to laugh, enjoy some beers, movies about the sport we love and more importantly support charities that are changing lives. This year's Fly Fishing Film Tour will be on Thursday, March 5th and hosted at Studio 35 | Drafthouse & Cinema.

Every year tickets sell out as fast as we can publish them on the website and this year is looking to be the same. With hundreds coming together we're certainly excited for the movie lineup. Featuring exclusive shorts that tell the stories of everything from fishing guide fairy tales, to serial steelhead semantics, canyon conservation in Colorado, mountain biking for marlin, jumping jaguars and jungle fish in whitewater rapids and the audacious Aussies who explore the largest coastline in the world. From saltwater to fresh, this year’s film is geared to get you stoked for another incredible season on the water. Check out the stoke reel for yourself below:

Yeah, if that doesn't get you excited, we don't know what will. Having just spent some time with Flip last month, we couldn't be more excited to see what he's bringing to the silver screen this year. The films, camaraderie and brews are only half the event. This year, we're giving a majority of the proceeds to our friends at Casting for Recovery and Trout Unlimited Madmen Chapter if you want to learn more about who they are, how they're impacting the world and more, go head over here.

Every year we hold a raffle for general prizes, specific prizes and grand prizes. Stay tuned, as we're going to be announcing all of our prizes very soon. Needless to say, this is going to be a big year. We've also got a couple sponsors who we can always depend on making this event a memorable time, so big thanks to both Centeral Ohio Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited.We're grateful for their support in such an incredible event.

Well, that's enough from us. if the stoke reel, raffle and all-around-kick-ass-time doesn't have you sold, you can stay home Thursday, March 5th, 2020 and watch our YouTube Channel. Pick up your tickets here and learn more about this years Fly Fishing Film Tour here.

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Wild Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado is a fish that not many have heard of. But when you see it for the first time you may find it unforgettable. The Golden Dorado is one of the most wild fish in the world, native to the Amazon, it is an incredible predatory gamefish.

Our guide here at Mad River Outfitters, Pat Kelly, is hosting a trip to the Tsimane (pronounced SA-MAAN-EE) Pluma Lodge in July where he and others will be fishing for this wild gamefish. Needless to say he's excited. The Golden Dorado feed on bait-fish called Sabalo that swim through gin clear headwaters. They're a freshwater fish that hunts in packs and fight like hell. The folks we've talked to about fighting these fish say they almost never leave the air during a good fight.

In the excitement of this trip, we sat down with Pat Kelly to shoot a brief video where he shares some information about the Golden Dorado, the Tsimane Pluma Lodge and the adventure in the Bolivian Amazon in general. Check it out below!

We're stoked about this trip and can't wait to learn more about this fish and the adventure that awaits Pat Kelly down in the Bolivian Amazon. Fun fact: The Amazon goes across 9 different territories in South America!

Want to learn more about this trip? Click here!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas from MRO!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Mad River Outfitters!

Yet another great season under our belts and looking forward to 2020.

We appreciate our friends, customers and subscribers supporting a small, family owned specialty retail shop like ours. We couldn't do this without YOU!

Best to you and yours!

Brian, Andy, Patrick, Linda, Ryan, Justin, Judy, Roger, Dick, Cristina, Josh, Kevin, Joey and Rogue

Mad River Outfitters
813 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214


Thursday, December 19, 2019

New Q&A | Cleaning Rod Handles, Hopper Dropper Explained and More!

In this Fly Fishing Q&A video, Brian breaks down how to clean the sweat and grime off of your fly fishing rod handle using Murphy's Oil Soap. A guest chimed in that his rod handle was covered with sweat and grease over the years, so Brian showed him the oil soap and it worked like a charm!

A couple other viewers asked about tippet materials and hopper dropper rigs, Brian gives his opinion on the hopper dropper with additional variations. Breaking down tippet, flies and length. Watch all the way through as this is an informative fly fishing video you're not going to want to miss!

The hopper dropper is highly effective and utilizing it is a must. However, there are plenty of variations, alternatives and things you can change that can greatly impact your effectiveness on the water.

Do you have a fly fishing question that you'd like answered? Send it over to if we answer your question, we'll send you a free hat and fly box! Big thanks to everyone who submitted questions this time around, this video was a blast to make!

Big thanks to Jimi, Clint and Jared!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Learning to Shoot a Bow with Flip Pallot

We recently ventured down to Florida to meet up with our good friend, Flip Pallot. Well, after an evening of catching up by the fire, we thought it would be a great to have Flip share something he loves with us: Archery.

We shot Flips longbow that he crafted himself from Osage Orange Tree wood and shark skin. With Flips instruction and Brian's hidden natural prowess for shooting a bow led to a pretty great time! Why don't you see for yourself:

Big thanks for Flip for letting us visit him for a time and film awesome stuff. This video was a blast to make! Head over and subscribe to Flip's channel here. Stay tuned, we have a lot more coming at you on our YouTube channel. Be sure to head over there and subscribe for a lot more!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tenkara USA Sale #OptTenkara

We've always loved Tenkara. Part of what makes it unique is it's long history, roots and connection with Japan. Tenkara USA is not trying to reinvent the wheel here. They have been fortunate to connect and be taught by the most respected anglers in Japan and also been counting on their support in the development of all Tenkara USA products. That provides insights into tenkara that one could not get otherwise, and helps in the development of our product as well as the instruction we provide. We believe the easiest way to keep tenkara simple is to look at the Japanese tenkara anglers and what they have to teach.

Our guide Ryan Ratliff has been a long time fan of Tenkara, he often takes his children out to fish and tenkara is his go to method with them. Tenkara Fly Fishing, literally meaning "fishing from heaven" is a simple type of fly fishing practiced in Japan. It's simplicity: a rod, line, tippet and fly proves to be very effective in mountain stream trout fishing.

We've currently got a Tenkara USA sale running right now through December 2nd, 2019. Pick up a great Tenkara USA rod as a wonderful holiday gift for the angler in your life.

Click Here For The Sale

Watch Ryan's Review of the Hane Rod from Tenkara USA

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

2 QUICK Nymphing Solutions (Convert ANY Fly Line To EURO)

It's mid-November 2019, and we recently went out on the Mad River to do some fishing and product testing. It's one of our favorite times of the year to fish. The leaves are clearing out and the fish are putting on the feed for the winter season. So we thought it was the perfect time to try out new RIO Euro Nymph Shorty and the Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Kit that came out this fall.

With how popular the Euro style of nymphing has become, how important it is to us on the Mad River we've found these two products to be especially useful.

Check Out The Video

Rio's Euro Nymph Shorty is an ultra-thin, super-sensitive fly line designed for Euro nymphing. The line is deliberately made short (20 feet) so it can be added to the front end of a regular fly line utilizing the thin welded loop on each end. The idea is that anglers can fish their normal fly fishing style with their regular trout line, and when they come to a run they want to fish Euro nymph style, they simply loop the Shorty on and start nymphing. Quick, easy and no need for an extra rod or reel.

The Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Kit can convert almost any single hand trout rod quickly to a Euro Nymphing setup. The kit includes a 20′ floating Euro Nymph Tip (0.25″ diameter), our Absolute Euro Nymph leader, and foam storage spool. It's compact and quick to use!

If you want more versatility on the river with more convenience and options, we'd definitely recommend you pick up one of these and try them out. Let us know what you think!