Friday, July 3, 2015

Press Release:
July 1, 2015

Temple Fork Outfitters New Impact™ Series Fly Rods

Rod design has always been a game of compromises…until now.  Several years ago we introduced our RPM™ (Rod Performance Matrix) to better define what a rod – or rod series – has been designed to do.  Presentation, distance and lifting are the three attributes by which all rods can be measured.  Emphasis in one of these has always meant a deficiency in another.  The new Impact™ rods by Temple Fork Outfitters, through an innovative fusion of fly rod functions designed to achieve the pinnacle of performance, have made this compromise a thing of the past.

Impact™ rods are unbelievably smooth and powerful, loading and unloading with maximum efficiency affording an effortless feel and level of performance that will impress the most accomplished angler along with the easy loading fish-ability newer fly casters need. Their action, in conjunction with a unique combination of the latest materials, merges the attributes of all your favorite rods in such a way that there’s no trace of any of the familiar limitations you’ve had to put up with.  Impact™ rods are designed to exceed every angler’s expectations with a level of excellence that will set new industry standards.  That’s making an Impact.

Each blank offers a very slim profile finished with our exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides.  Their reduced profile burl cork handles are both handsome and durable - plus they retain their superb feel under all fishing conditions.  The handsome blanks are matte black with black thread wraps and emerald trim.  Smoke-gray machined aluminum reel seats with gray carbon fiber inserts adorn the larger models with beautiful rosewood inserts on the smaller models.  Starting at $324.95, the Impact rods are available through a limited selection of our best dealers in line weights four through ten.

For more information on the Impact Series, or any other TFO products contact your local TFO dealer or visit,  

Brandon Powers
Temple Fork Outfitters
8115 Sovereign Row
Dallas, TX 75247

***Watch HERE and Mad River Outfitters Social Media Channels for a link to the new Impact Fly Rods as soon as they become available for sale.

Back in February, the folks at TFO sent MRO's Brian Flechsig one of the new "Experimental" fly rods which we now know will be called the Impact. He took the rod with him on the annual Andros Island Bonefish trip and here is what he and Andros Island Bonefish Club owner Shawn Leadon had to say about the rod:

Mad River Outfitters expects to have the new Temple Fork Outfitters Impact fly rods available for Sale in late July or early August.

Stay Tuned!

Click Here to view our current selection of TFO Fly Rods

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Press Release
June 30, 2015

Larry Dahlberg Joins Temple Fork Outfitters

Those of us who enjoy fly fishing - at least occasionally - know of some of the modern fly patterns that have elevated the sport beyond traditional cold water trout fishing.  Lefty’s Deceiver, the Clouser Minnow... the Dahlberg Diver arguably top the list. 

Larry Dahlberg is equally well respected with conventional tackle as well.  Beyond fly fishing, his innovations range from hard bait and soft plastic designs to rod developments that have allowed him to successfully land every conceivable species of fish - both salt and freshwater - while pioneering game fishing opportunities around the globe.  

"Like millions of anglers worldwide, I have followed Larry through his "The Hunt for Big Fish" television program now in its 23rd season.  He has fished every ocean and most major river systems in the world.  From his beginnings as a professional fishing guide at the age of 11, where he began guiding for Smallmouth Bass on the upper St. Croix river, to exploring Surinam for Wolf Fish, Larry has done it all.   He has both experienced and studied the environments and species that most of us can only dream about to the point that Lefty Kreh and many others claim that Larry is arguably the most knowledgeable all around angler in the world.  I agree and am proud to announce that he has joined the TFO Advisory Staff family."

Rick Pope
Temple Fork Outfitters

Larry shares our passion to help get more folks on the water and our belief that fishing elevates one's awareness of our environment, helps us understand more about nature and generally makes us better people. He is committed to helping TFO design and offer affordable, high performance gear that will continue to represent value both to those getting started and to those who want to expand their fishing opportunities with both gear and fly tackle.  In addition to sharing his knowledge of fishing gear design and applications, Larry has agreed to assist in developing educational programs and to participate in TFO's general business planning.  We are delighted and honored to have him join our team.

Jim Shulin
Temple Fork Outfitters

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fly Rods 2015

An exciting year in fly rods around here! A mess of great new sticks from the best manufacturers in the business. Thought we'd put it all together here for you as an overview with links to each.

* Sage ACCEL Fly Rods- Winner "Best New Fly Rod" at the Fly Tackle Dealer show in July. Fantastic sticks in the $595.00 price range.

Click Here to view the new Sage ACCEL fly rods

* Sage SALT Fly Rods- Winner "Best New Saltwater Rod" at the Fly Tackle Dealer show in July. Replaces the Xi3 in the $850.00 price range.

Click Here to view the new Sage SALT fly rods

With the revolution going on in Fiberglass fly rods the past few years, it was time for Temple Fork Outfitters to throw their hat in the ring....and we are glad they did. The Finesse Glass from TFO at $199.95 may well be the best of the bunch.

Click Here to view the new TFO Finess Glass fly rods

Scott this year brings us the moderately priced Tidal Fly rod. Designed for the average saltwater angler...though we have loved these for warmwater fishing around here as well. The new Scott TIDAL fly rods come in at the $475.00 price point. Great addition to the Scott line and we are now hearing that they will be adding a "Musky Special" to the Tidal series this Spring.

Click Here to view the new Scott Tidal Fly Rods

Winston also brings us a new medium priced offering in the Nexus. A fantastic rod that is designed and built in Twin Bridges, Montana. The new Nexus from Winston comes in at the $475.00 price point and may well be our favorite offering in this crowded group this year. Definitely worth casting!!!

Click Here to view the new Nexus fly rods from Winston

Yet another offering below $500.00 this year is the new Orvis Recon fly rods. This may well be the most anticipated rod launch of the season...and they are in stock now at the shop.....and remember that your "Orvis Coupons" are always welcome at MRO!

Click Here to view the new Orvis Recon Fly Rods

The iconic Superfine series has yet again be redone and now comes to us as the Superfine Carbon series. These rods go along with last year's Superfine Glass and are designed for small stream fishing. Very good looking rods and the actions are the finest in class for the price......$425.00

Click Here to view the new Orvis Superfine Carbon

New Clearwater Switch Rods from Orvis. These things are GREAT! Very well done..and cast great....for $350.00!!! Make sure to check out the new Battenkill Switch and Spey reels which match up perfectly with these rods and come in at $149.00

Click Here to view the new Orvis Clearwater Switch Rods

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Columbus Fishing Expo

February 13th, 14th 15th

Lausche Building- Ohio State Fairgrounds

programs and demos by our own Brian Flechsig on the "Hawg Trough"

Friday, February 13th- 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 14th- 2:00 p.m.
Sunday, February 15th- 2:00 p.m.

** Watch for Brian on Fox 28 and NBC 4 News this weekend!

Coupon can be printed or picked up in the shop!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

From all of us at MRO!

What a year we had! Don't mean to brag but our 20th year in business was our best by a long shot....and we have you all to thank for that.

We truly appreciate the friendship and support of our loyal fans and customers. You are the reason that we are here. Thanks so much and we wish you all the best in 2015!!!

Can't wait to dive into year 21...we have alot of cool things in store. Stay tuned!

Brian, Andy, Patrick, Dick, David, Luke, Judy, Roger, Linda, Graham, Josh, Cristina, Jim, Rogue and the rest of the staff and guides of MRO!

Mad River Outfitters
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

FREE 2-Day Shipping!

on all orders over $150.00!

* through Monday- 12/22 at 5:00 p.m.

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* domestic orders only

Thanks again for shopping with MRO this Holiday Season!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Plenty of time for Online Shopping with MRO!

Shop with confidence!

We ship most internet orders within 24 hours and many times....within hours.

With 1-4 day standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S......the answer is YES!......we can get it to you by Christmas.

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