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Fishing Reports- 3/10/16

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

Mad River

***3/11/ Update- yes, we have fired our weatherman. The rain started up again after our report yesterday and just kept coming. The River shot up and blew out. It is dropping pretty quickly so the upper may fish tomorrow....the way upper. Otherwise upper river on Sunday should be good and the mid to lower river maybe late Sunday and into Monday.

Of note though....we did get a solid report of confirmed Blue Quills on Wednesday and a water temp of 52. They were spotted in good numbers around mid-day and there were good numbers of fish feeding. Could be an early season for a change? 

We'll try to keep you informed!

***Late 3/10 Update- the rain is falling and the river is rising. Hard to say what will happen overnight but right now the river is on a steady rise. The upper is still fishable but it looks like the lower will blow out here. We are all headed down to the Gateway Film Center for the F3T tonight so no more updates but we'll get right on it in the morning. Regardless, get your streamers ready.

Early 3/10 Report- Looks like the rain won't be as much as 1st reported which is good news for the weekend....or is it?

The river is in good shape. The upper is just about perfect and the lower river still has enough water to chuck the big stuff in hopes of a hog.

We have had varying reports this week. A few anglers did well over the weekend on streamers but no reports of monsters. A few anglers did not so well and a few skunks reported. It has almost always been the case that March is not our best month of fishing. Can't say why but we have always said that it's like the "calm before the storm" (Hendrickson hatch in early April). Regardless, with the Spring like weather we have been experiencing, it's still better than staying home and who's to say that you can't "buck the trend".

Did see some midges and some small Baetis/BWO types hatching over the weekend. Not much feeding but the bugs were out. No reports the past week on any Winter Black Stones but they should still be around, especially in the upper river now. Should start seeing a few of the #16 Blue Quills here as well but that is usually an upper river event. With the temps we have been experiencing, if it keeps up, we may be looking at hatches coming a bit earlier than recent years. Hard to say but we'll be watching closely here over the next 2-3 weeks. Certainly want to get to tying or buying Hendricksons any way you look at it though.

In the meantime, nymphs and streamers are the way to go. Would still have some Black Stones or Copper Johns in #14 as well as Pheasant Tails/Hendrickson Nymphs in size #14 as well as some #16 and #18 for the Blue Quill/Baetis types. If this stuff isn't working for you go bigger with a Cranefly Larva or large attractor nymph and fish them slow and deep. If fishing a cranefly might even try pulsing it a bit to get some action.

If for some reason the water fluctuates over the weekend we'll try to let you know and always remember you can call the shop if you need an up-to-the-minute report.

* On another note: We did get a call from a local landowner this week asking if we could again post about folks walking through farmer's fields. He said he had approached several folks who said that other anglers told them it was acceptable practice and/or that the farmers/landowners didn't care. This is not the case. It is simply not acceptable to most if not all of the landowners to be walking through their fields. You must stay in the river corridor. We really need to get this word out to folks so that we don't start seeing sections of the river closed all-together. Please stay in the river and out of sight of landowners!!!!

Clearfork River

***3/11/ Update- the River did blow out over the night and not looking good today or probably tomorrow. It is dropping fast and the upper may fish on Sunday.....probably not tomorrow. The lower came up to pretty much un-fishable and hard to say when they will drop it again. Hopefully on Sunday or Monday. We'll try to get a report up 1st of the week.

***Late 3/10 Update- More rain than we expected and the river is rising. The Upper looks like it will be pretty high and off color tomorrow depending on what happens overnight. They have opened up the dam a bit on the lower but it is still very fishable. Hard to say for tomorrow, watch the gauges. We are all headed down to the Gateway Film Center for the F3T tonight so no more updates but we'll get right on it in the morning. Regardless, get your streamers ready.

Early 3/10 Report- Once again, the weekend is looking pretty good on the Clearfork. The rain has yet to make much of a difference and looks like that will remain the case through the weekend. 

The Upper stretch doesn't have as much flow as it did last weekend but should still be a good bet for chucking streamers. This stretch of water has been the "sleeper" in the state all Winter. Again, good to GREAT reports of large to extra large fish caught on big streamers. Our good friend Josh Snyder got out with his Dad over the weekend and although said that the water was cold and the fish were sluggish, he did manage a nice one...pic below. Frequent contributor Mike Letizia also sent us some photos of hogs from the upper over the weekend.

Josh Snyder with a gorgeous Ohio Brown Trout from the Upper Clearfork

The lower stretch of the Clearfork is a bit on the low side right now but very fishable. Very possible that with these temps we have been seeing you could probably find some fish eating dry flies. Probably mostly midges but should start seeing some small Olives here any day now. Otherwise, stick with nymphs or streamers and you should do well.

Thanks for all of the reports from up on the Fork by the way. We really appreciate it. We'll try to get some more of the pics up here and keep sending them. Great to see this fishery doing so well this Winter. Should be a great spring.

Clear Creek

***3/11 Update- fired the weatherman. He's outta here. The creek blew out last night with the rains and probably going to be a few days here. We'll try to check-in 1st of the week.

Clear Creek is in good shape as well for the weekend. Ryan got out yesterday morning before work and did pretty well. He said that he did see some midges hatching a few fish rising to them. He stuck with streamers though and got a couple of above average fish. The larger fish seem to be holding in the deeper slots and have not moved out to feed yet but once the water warms and bugs start moving they should spread out.

If interested in smaller fish on the surface, have some Midge dries along with you. This can be super fun on a 2wt or 3wt rod! Otherwise, nymphs and streamers are the way to go here until we start seeing bugs on a regular basis.

The good news is that Clear Creek also seems to be fishing above average for this time of year and we are hopeful for a good Spring season down there. Even if not gangbuster fishing, you can't beat the scenery!

Erie Steelhead

***3/11 Update- Again, our on-staff weatherman has been fired. Hiring a new one. More rain than expected and the creeks all blew out big overnight. Not good news for the weekend. They are dropping fast but it's probably Monday before we get back out. Maybe a chance that Ashtabula fishes afternoon on Sunday? We will for sure get a full report up 1st of the week with the prognosis and may try to check in here if we find otherwise but not good for the weekend at this point. The good news is that there should be some big bright fish swimming in that high muddy water! Get ready!!!!

***Late 3/10 Update- Creeks are on the rise more than we expected. Might not be great news for tomorrow but probably great news for the weekend and into next week. The Vermilion is rising but still fishable. Same with the Rocky but it's shooting straight up. The Chagrin looks like it will blow out and be a few days. Conneaut is rising but remains fishable as we speak. This precip could put the Ash back into the game here for the weekend. Hard to say....we'll have to check 1st thing tomorrow and let you know. We are all headed down to the Gateway Film Center for the F3T tonight so no more updates but we'll get right on it in the morning. 

Early 3/10 Report- What a luxury it is to be a fly angler in Ohio eh? Especially when the steelhead are running.

It's been a great week around here. We have had guides out on the water with clients and scouting for upcoming trips and they have been doing very well. Fishing has been good to excellent and there are decent numbers of fish spread throughout the system. As long as conditions are right, you can pick a river and have a shot at steelhead. No question.

Steve Krum was out on Tuesday with Josh and got his 1st Ohio Steelhead!

Here is what our guides are telling us as of yesterday:

The Vermilion has been fishing pretty well the past few days. Not tons of fish, but they are there. Most have been on the smaller side and it looks like we are still waiting on a big push of bright Manistees to arrive. Another push of water and the V may explode with steel! As of right now the river has not budged with the rains but keep your eyes on the sky and the gauge.

The Rocky and Chagrin are both in good shape and have been fishing well. The Chagrin seems to have some larger fish but who knows...that can change in a minute. The Chargin is starting to head upwards a bit as we write but it looks like the big rain expected may hold off. Should be good to go for the weekend on either side of Cleveland.

The Grand is still a bit too high but if this rain holds off, we may be on the water there before too long. We'll try to keep you informed.

The Ashtabula is getting a bit low..might want to wait for a push of water here. Conneaut has good flow but is very clear. It's full of fish and has been fishing very well but need to stick to the smaller flies and more subdued colors.

Over the weekend we were swinging Intruder style flies and doing very well. Black and Blue as well as Blue and Pink were hot colors. As the week progressed we switched over to Eggs and Nymphs. Chartreuse eggs have been working well in stained water and Peach or Creamy Peach in the clearer water. Black Stones have been the hot ticket on nymphs but pick your poison and you should do well. In the clearer water think about basic Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails or Chicken Hawks.

Looking forward to a great weekend of steelhead fishing throughout the region. Get out there and let us know how you do....send some pics!

We'll update if things change for the worse as needed and for sure check-in next week for a report and more pics.

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