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Fishing Reports- 3/29/16

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

***THANKS for all of the reports and pics this week friends. Although we can't use or reference all, they are appreciated. Keep them coming!***

Mad River

4/1/16 Weekend Update- The river did blow out pretty good with the rains. The very upper reaches may fish tomorrow and will probably be looking good on Sunday. The lower river will probably still be a bit high for most tomorrow and will come into great "streamer shape" on Sunday. 

We did have more reports of Hendricksons on Wednesday but they were sporadic. There were fish feeding though. The rain Weds night and yesterday put the brakes on for a few but we may be back at it over the next few days. We'll check in early next week and post some reports and pics from the weekend.

3/29/16- The Mad is in good shape and continues to fish well. We have been getting report after report of good catches. Mostly nymphs and streamers the past few days but will again be looking for dries as the weather warms. 

As you saw in our last report, we did see confirmed Hendricksons a week ago today. A few other folks spottted them mid to lower river as well. Problem is, with the weather and temps fluctuating, they will be sporadic. Seems as if another cold front is coming through with some rain and that will probably slow them up yet again. They love warmth and sunshine and typically won't hatch in this cooler weather. We'll keep an eye out for sure and let us know if you see anything.

In the meantime, here's some reports from friends over the past few days:

"Got out on the mad for the first time this morning. Drove 6 hours round trip to fish for two hours. Managed to get one before leaving, and moved another. Took a "mikes meal ticket".

Water looked good despite the apparent spike in flow, although I'm not sure what it normally looks like. Nice green tint and about two feet of vis I would say. Fished down from county line. Only made it a couple hundred yards down though. My first time down there and my first time chucking streamers, unfortunately I was a little preoccupied to really be able to fish hard.

Can't wait to get back down there. I know there are some big fish hunting that water.

Thought you might wanna pic for the report."- Trey Keyes

Trey Keyes- Mad River Excursion

"The streamer bite was very good from 6:00 to 8:30 PM last Tuesday. I landed a number of smaller fish along with 1- 18” and a large male 23-24”.  A white wooly bugger did the trick . Enclosed photo of the big one, could not get him to pose a good shot with my fly rod for scale."- Bill Rice

Frequent contributor Bill Rice had a great day last Tuesday!

Clearfork River

4/1/16 Weekend Update- The Clearfork blew out pretty good with the rains. Both stretches a bit too high to fish today. The upper might come into good streamer shape tomorrow and be looking pretty good on Sunday. Hard to say with the lower. We'll keep our eyes on it and try to update if they drop the lower. In the meantime, if you get out there, send us reports and pics. Should be some hogs caught on streamers as the water drops.

3/29/16- The Upper Clearfork is a bit high but perfect streamer water. Should shape up nicely over the next few days depending on how much precip we get Thurs/Fri. This piece of water continues to impress and the reports and pics we are getting are nothing short of fantastic. As much as the Mad gets the "press" for giant browns, the Upper Clearfork is the real sleeper. Nymph fishing has been good to excellent also with green caddis larva and hendrickson type nymphs in a size 14 or 16. Bead head pheasant tails or Trophy Nymphs have been working extremely well also. No great reports of bugs on the surface other than some midges and sporadic Blue Winged Olives #18-20. The water is still a bit high and cool for dry fly fishing but you never know....we will be there very soon.

The lower is a bit high today but chances are pretty good that they will bring it down to very fishable for the weekend. If you are adventurous and a good wader, you could get down there and throw monster streamers and see what happens. We are due for a hog to come from this water!

Here's a report from last Wednesday from our friend and customer Eric Roth:

"First light on the Upper Clearfork Wednesday morning. Barely enough light to get a picture but my largest Ohio Brown Trout yet!"

Eric Roth from the Upper Clearfork....on a streamer of course!

Clear Creek

4/1/16 Weekend Update- The Creek didn't budge that much. Pretty much the same report as below and it should be a good to great weekend of fishing. Be on the lookout for bugs and let us know what you see. Take a pic and send it! BTW- we are still offering MRO Hats and MRO stickers to those that send reports and pics from the Clear Creek. Be sure to include your address so we can send.

3/29/16- Clear Creek did come up pretty good with the rain on Sunday/Monday but is dropping nicely. Today and tomorrow could be good to great streamer water and then Thursday and into the weekend we should be back to normal Spring flows. Watch the weather though.

As you saw and read in our last report, there has been pretty good surface activity and some bugs hatching. Not confirmed but sounds like a few anglers experienced some Hendricksons, which is to be expected and should get better as we warm up a bit. Red Quills and BWOs have been catching fish with a good drift.

We have also been getting some nicer fish swinging soft hackles, which is always a good bet on any water but works especially well on Clear Creek. If green doesn't work, try an orange or yellow.

Thanks again for the pics and reports.....let's keep them coming. Still gonna be sending out hats and the new MRO/Ohio Stickers so be sure to include your phone number and address with the pic/report. We'll get them out to you.

Erie Steelhead

4/1/16 Weekend Update- 

The Vermilion is up and muddy. Gonna be a few days here but hopefully we can get out there early next week. This creek should be on fire here for a few weeks if not more.

The Rocky and Chagrin are both up and will probably be Sunday before we wet lines there again. The Chagrin is dropping a little quicker and MIGHT fish tomorrow afternoon? For sure it will be a swinging game with big bright flies until they both clear. Then back to eggs and nymphs. Most anglers have been reporting eggs working best.

The Grand is out for a bit but the tribs have been fishing well all week. We have even had folks on tribs to the tribs and found fish. Hopefully, we can get back on the Grand mid to late next week. 

The Ashtabula and Conneaut are looking good. If you are heading out now...these are the streams to hit the next few days.

If you get out there, let us know how you do. Submitted pictures that make it here get a new MRO/Ohio sticker. Be sure to include your address and send to admin@madriveroutfitters.com.

We'll keep our eyes and ears out and check in early next week. Have a great weekend.

3/29/16- The streams did bump up pretty well on Sunday night and Monday. Pretty much everything blown out today so the guides have had to move onto some tribs to find water. Probably going to be Thursday before we start to see the main stems back in fishable shape but we'll see. Check the gauges and feel free to give us a call but we have been telling folks that Thursday looks better than tomorrow.

The V is coming down and may be fishable level tomorrow, but will surely be muddy. Have some big and flashy flies and try swingin'. She should be full of fish. Let's hope the weekend shapes up.

The Rocky and Chagrin may fish later in the day tomorrow and will surely come into play on Thursday. Let's hope that we don't get another shot of rain and the weekend looks good. Try larger and brighter flies the next few days and then move into smaller eggs and nymphs as the water drops. Pink and Cheese colored eggs have been hot tickets throughout the region.

The Grand is out for a bit but many folks have been on the tribs the past few days. There are plenty of fish around but they seem to have been in the creeks for a while. Most of the fresher and larger fish seem to be in the main river but that could change at any time. We'll keep an eye on the big river and let you know when it comes back in.

The Conneaut is out for a few days. It's pretty high and muddy. We'll keep our eyes on it and hopefully Thursday and Friday things will start to shape up. Reports from the weekend on the Connie were either extremely good or extremely bad. Seems that the fish were condensed into certain areas and others were void of fish. This push of water should spread things out again at least for a few days and should have also brought a big push of fresh fish in as well. The Ashtabula should come into play late tomorrow and look pretty great on Friday.

Kevin Parsons, above, booked a guide trip with us a few weeks ago and told us that he would be happy just to catch 1 fish. Well, guide Josh McQueen accomplished that task pretty quickly and then moved into EXCEEDING his expectations. Kevin called up last night and paid for another day today saying that he had too much fun to limit it to one day. Here he is from earlier today. 

We'll get a weekend report up to let you know what we know and in the meantime, if you get out, let us know how you are doing!

Brandon Pecora sent us this photo from the Oswego River in New York. A beautiful fish caught on a Glow Roe 10mm bead.

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