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Fishing Reports- 7/29/17

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

Thanks as always for reading our reports friends. As the weather gets more conducive we should be reporting more regularly....but we need your HELP!

Send any and all reports to admin@madriveroutfitters and we'll do our best to get them up.

The Alaska Group is headed home today and the Montana trip leaves tomorrow. An exciting time of year around here!

The July 2017 Alaska Group with hosts Jerry Darkes and Josh McQueen- hop on over to Facebook...we've started an album there and will be adding pics as they come in!


Well the weather continues to be the main topic and issue.  We have had one of the wettest July's that we can remember.  The forecasts seem to be changing by the hour...the good news is that it has changed for the good finally.  The rain predicted for the past few days did not amount to much so the streams are dropping fast!  Look at the Olentangy to fish, but will still have some stain.  They could decide to open the dam at any time, but it does not appear that it is needed.  The Scioto is actually coming down also and should fish well by mid week.  Now is the time to be fishing poppers like Boogle Bugs, Bass Poppers, Pencils, and other Bass Hair Bugs.  If you do not find any fish looking up cover some water with streamers and the SA Titan Clear Tip (our favorite smallmouth line by FAR).  Streamers to carry are Bottoms Up, Peanuts, Modern Deceivers, and other patterns by Kelly Galloup.  

Pond and lake fishing has continued to be great, but look for the Largemouth Bass to be found deep close to vegetation or other structure.  Fishing a floating/diving fly like a Swimmy Jimmy or Todd's Wiggle Minnow consistently get the job done when fished with a long sink tip or full sinking line like the Orvis Depth Charge, SA Sink 30 Warm or the Rio InTouch Deep 7.  

With the rivers shaping up look for our guiding schedule to fill up fast.  Make sure to contact the shop and put in for those sick/vacation days at work.  Pat, Josh and Ryan are always ready to get you on a boat and out there fishing Ohio!!!

MRO Fly Tying Manager and Guide Ryan Ratliff was supposed to teach the On-River Seminar: Smallmouth Bass last weekend but wound up having to postpone due to the high muddy water. Here is what he did instead:

"These shots are from last Sunday where the only thing that wasnt muddy was some ponds. Tony Makris and I hiked back deep into Ohio Power/AEP lands to a pond I haven't fished in 15 years.  The Bass where deep from the Thunderstorms, but the BIG panfish were looking up eating bugs getting knocked off the trees by the rain.  Boogle bugs and Double Barrel Poppers were the ticket all day.  I had to introduce a few fish to Tenkara also!"- Ryan

No better combination- Bluegill and Tenkara!

Mad River

The Mad has continued to produce very well with the higher than usual water levels.  Remember in most situations the river will be fishing within 24 hours after a rain event and even sooner if you are looking to throw streamers.  

This time of the year streamer fishing is not the usual talk so many people have taken advantage of the levels and found aggressive fish eating most of the day.  Looking ahead at the forecast and we will be back into typical summer tactics.  

For the up coming days focus on Tricos in the morning along with Midges and Caddis.  During the middle of the day swinging Soft Hackles or nymphing is a good place to start.  Into the afternoon it will be a Beetle, Ant, and Cricket game.  Fish are very cooperative right now so fish your favorite stretch covering water.  

The forecast is for bright days so the best times are going to be early and late in the day.  If you need help figuring out the Mad shoot us a call and we will get you on the calendar for a guide trip.  

Clearfork River

Clearfork Map

The water temps have been much better than usual.  The higher flows have also been keeping the trout happy.  Like on the Mad early and late have been the key. 

 Look for Tricos early at first light and then pull out the caddis and midges.  Ants and beetles have been the ticket in the evenings along with some hoppers along grassy banks.  

The upper has been the key for trout, but the lower when conditions are favorable have been better for smallies and rock bass.  For the warmwater fish poppers and big hoppers around overhanging brush is the key.  Also streamers and covering water has produced good numbers.  

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Map

There has been a little more rain down south than in the city so the creek is currently high.  Look for it to fish by early to mid week.  

The water temps have been great for this time of the year also.  Look for early morning Tricos then switch over to tiny caddis and midges.  The evenings will produce some great Ant and Beetle fishing as well.  

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