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2-Day Intermediate Fly Fishing School

2-Day Intermediate Fly Fishing School

October 14th and 15th, 2018

Held at Sunnybrook Trout Club with instructors Brian Flechsig and Jerry Darkes

These schools take over where our intro classes leave off. Take your skills to the next level! These 2-day intermediate fly fishing schools will be held at Sunnybrook Trout Club near Sandusky, Ohio. Centrally located for students from Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton and Cincinnati! 

Day 1
* Intermediate Fly Fishing
* Gear for Specific Techniques
* Fly Casting Part I, II, III- Fly Cast Review
* Lunch (included)
* Knots and Leaders II
* Fly Casting Part IV- Advanced Casting Techniques and Video
* Fishing!!

Day 2
* Understanding Fish
* Advanced Entomology and Fly Selection
* Video Casting Review
* Lunch (included)
* Fly Casting Part V- More Advanced Casting Techniques
* Fly Fishing the Midest and Beyond
* Fishing!

Included: All equipment necessary, class information packet, lunch on both days, professional instruction, fishing

Not included: morning and evening meals, lodging if needed

Cost: $475.00 per student. Includes instruction, gear, info packet and outline, lunch & fishing.

Upon completetion of the course students will also receive a coupon packet good for significant discounts and special offers at Mad River Outfitters and/or should you decide to purchase some gear.

Pre-Requisites: Some experience and a basic understanding of the topics covered in our 1-Day and/or 2-Day Schools. This class is designed to take anglers from the beginner stage and introduce intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques.

Recomended Gear: None. We have you covered although at this stage you probably have some gear and you are welcome to bring it along.

* Fantastic fishing, lodging and dining available on these 2-day excursions. Lodging booked separately through Sunnybrook Trout Club. For more information please see A detailed information packet will be provided upon sign-up that should answer most questions on these arrangements.

These two have guaranteed that they will take your casting and angling to new levels!

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Changing the way fly fishing is taught!