Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Erie Steelhead- mid week update

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Our friend and customer Hiroshi Yanagase from over the weekend. One happy angler there!

Thought we'd drop a mid-week report with what we are hearing from up North. 

The push of water DID bring some fish question, and fishing was pretty hot for quite a few folks we have heard from.  We are finding nice fresh fish and larger fish in most of the streams but there are still mostly concentrated in the lower rivers. Of course not that you can't find fish upstream, but the greater numbers are still closer to the lake. 

Just as quickly as a few of the streams came up though, they are now right back down to where they were. Most of our guides are telling us that not much changed.....still alot of shad and baitfish and not alot of green water yet. Fish are being caught, but still tough to very tough conditions. These little bursts of rain or runoff are just not enough. We need a prolonged "storm".

The Grand is the hot ticket, no question. It was a bit blown over the weekend but right back down and the guides were back on it Monday and yesterday. They had been on the Ash but it is now back down to virtually un-fishable. The Conneaut did come up but was back down by Sunday, much quicker than anticipated and is now pretty much too low to get excited about. The Chagrin is do-able, and there are fish there but you'll be pretty shocked at how low it is again if you go. The Rocky pretty much the same. Some fish are being caught in both mind you of course, but the holes with water are pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder. The Vermilion is a waste of time. Again had folks scouting over the weekend and nothing to report. They had to get out binoculars to find water!!!

Swinging flies with 2-handed rods continues to produce again the past few days. Ryan here at the shop has been twisting up some custom Intruders for the boys and they have been crushing nice fish on the swing. Pretty cool to be getting this action at this time of year. We have also had folks reporting fish chasing streamers which is a testament to the warmer weather. Did get some fish to respond to Egg patterns the past few days. The "Peachy Cream" and the Oregon Chees scrambled egg have been good in particular but that's usually the case. Nymphs will of course produce fish as well but stick with the more subdued and smaller stuff.....Black Stones, Bloody Marys, Pheasant Tails etc. Fish seem to be shying away from the brighter stuff which makes sense with the clear water.

We do have guides out the next few days and we'll try to get a report up on Friday before the weekend.

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