Friday, April 1, 2016

New Products Arrived Today

Wanted to give you all a heads-up on some new products that arrived in the shop today! We are all pretty excited about these.

1. Weightless Split-Shot

MRO is proud to introduce "Weightless Split-Shot". Looks like the real stuff, but will have no impact on your angling whatsoever. It weighs nothing. Designed for those who simply love to add split-shot to their tippet. Works great for dries.....nymphs or streamers.....doesn't matter. No impact. Bio-degradable too! Dissolves in water.

2. Howler Brothers "Doggie Shaman" Hoodie

Medium weight, cotton blend Doggie Shaman hoodie with woven jacquard yoke will help connect your pup with it's spirit animal. Leash opening under hood and stash pocket on left hind. Don't let Rosco or Princess Dolly be left out of heeding the call. They probably can hear it better then you. Because dogs have really good hearing... and they are dogs.

3. Yeti Rambler "Crapper"

New and in stock NOW! Yeti introduces the new Rambler "Crapper". Leave it to Yeti! A toilet/sink combo for when you have it coming out of both ends. This thing is truly "Built for the Wild" like all Yeti products. Stop in today for a demo!

Truly "Built for the Wild"

4. World's 1st Tenkara REEL

Truly an MRO Exclusive! Introducing the World's 1st Tenkara REEL. For those who need the security blanket of a reel and can't get over the fact that Tenkara doesn't involve one.

This reel is made of quite shabby materials and has no it serves no real why bother. It can be secured using the optional "twist tie" attachment system (sold seperately) or it can be "Zap-A-Gapped" into place for the life of your Tenkara rod.

No need for right or left hand retrieve!!!

To Order any of these new products, or for a package deal on all, please call us at 614-451-0363 or send an e-mail to

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