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Fishing Reports- 6/3/16

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363


Friends- we are looking for any and all reports on warm-water fishing here in the state or region. With the fantastic warmwater fisheries that we have here, it would be crazy not to add something here from time-to-time.

We obviously can't keep up with standard reports for all waterways so we are asking you folks to send us reports and pics! We would appreciate it and we know that are readers will as well.

Send pics and reports to If you include your address, we'll be sure to send you out one of the MRO "Fly Fish Ohio" stickers so you can show your Ohio pride.

* Big news is that Carp season around here is really picking up! The Cottonwood Seeds are flying and that always marks the un-official start. Also getting some reports as you will read that the Mulberries are starting to ripen.

Dan Dunkley sent us this report and pic:

"Hello Guys. Went out tonight chasing carp for the first time this season. Several feeding on floating cottonwood seeds. This one took on top on a "seed" pattern that I tied up. At least all that cottonwood flying around is good for something.  Have a great spring season- Dan"

***Interested in learning more about Carp fishing with a fly- Why not join Andy Jensen for Carp School- coming up on Saturday, June 25th. Held at the Muzzy Lakes "Carp Sanctuary" and the Mulberries should be ON!

* We have been hearing really good reports of smalllmouth and warmwater fishing on the Scioto, Olentangy and both Darby creeks locally. Most fish eating baitfish imitations but the "Boogle" fishing heating up as well. 

Rob Compher sent us this great and varied report with pics:

"Some pics from this past weekends kayak trip to Paint Creek and Lake Katherine. The white and chartreuse gurgler is still my go to fly for big bull gills. It just continues to produce for me. And I have still been getting into the crappie in the Paint Creek area using minnow patterns and while dumbell eyed Wooly Buggers fished deep. Also those nice purple berries are starting to show up so it's time to get those carp rods out and catch some rubber lips! Thanks- Rob"

* Memorial Day "Pike Camp" was....well.....interesting. Let's just say you'd better ask Brian or Pat how it went. Regardless, you will be hearing about it soon as we HAVE decided to put it on the schedule later in the Summer.

Guide Pat Kelly at "Pike Camp"

* Lots of reports of decent to HUGE Cicada hatches as well the past week or so. They seem to be concentrated in the Southeastern part of the state but the boys up at Pike Camp last weekend had them as well up near Dover. Tons of carp and smallmouth eating them. No reports on the Mad, Clearfork or Clear Creek yet.

* Have folks headed out to the AEP Recreation lands this weekend armed with Cicada flies looking for Bass and Bluegill. We'll let you know how they do and hopefully get some pics!!!

* Good friend and great customer Mark Coldiron sent us this note a few days ago:

"A big shout out to, Ryan Ratliff and Mad River Outfitters.!!!  Ryan set me up with my first new Fly Rod and Reel... And within 3 hours of buying it, I landed my first fish.!!  I truly appreciate the great customer service I receive at MRO... Best Fly shop around....Thanks again.!!"

Thanks for the kind words Mark! Glad to have you as a customer and always happy to help!

Mad River

Mad River Map

Brown Drakes spotted TODAY!!!! Next week or so the best dry fly fishing of the season!

6-4-16- Weekend Update-

"Here's a hanger on from the car this evening. The fish weren't really keying in on the duns and spinners yet this evening. Probably take a day or two. Did well on the #18 quill Adams again. Looking forward to the next couple of days!- Ed Muldoon"

6-3-16- Pretty much the same report as last weekend with two exceptions.....The water is lower and Brown Drakes are ON!!!

Just had the 1st confirmed sightings this afternoon. Not sure whether we will get a spinner fall tonight or not. Should be plenty of folks out the next few days looking for the monster bugs so we'll try to update. If the spinner fall doesn't happen for you though, no worries as there will be caddis, Light Cahills and #18 Sulphers to choose from!

If you get to the river and don't see risers or bug activity, for sure have some Brown Drake nymphs to bounce along the bottom. Want to better your chances? Hang a #14 or #16 Green Soft Hackle off the BDN and you'll slay fish!!!

Keep in mind that the Drake hatch usually lasts under a week or so. Better get out there and get a hall pass to come home late!

Here's a few reports from this week-

Ed Muldoon sent us this report and pic:

"It'd be nice to get some rain and get a good bump in flows, yeah? Took this large fella from below 36, size 18 quill Adams of all things. Sporadic sulphurs, handful of large ones but mostly #18s, many caddis, been swinging caddis larva deep and doing moderately well. Have yet to see the sulphur spinners.  Large fish have been sipping starting around 6:30 but it's a tough time - I'm at my max length on a 14" leader, everything is glassy, low, and slowwww.  Drakes soon. Talk to you soon. Ed Muldoon"

Ed was in the shop the other day and also shared this pic:

He had hooked this fish on the Sulpher dry...and the knot slipped on him. Lost the fish. Two days later he came through again fishing the nymph (famous Brer Possum), and hooked the same fish, this time landing him. Congrats Ed on getting your Sulpher back. Check those knots!

Jon Horn, COFF President, sent us this report:

"Hope everyone had a good weekend!  A few quick trout reports to share:

UCF: fished great on Saturday during the morning and afternoon.  Fish looking up for caddis, cahills, and a few leftover spinners.  Dry fly fishing has been good up there the last couple of weeks (especially early and late with plenty of caddis and a smattering of spinners). A couple of stretches have been downright excellent on top.  Sunday was blown out.

LCF: low water Saturday put the fish in low gear, despite a monster spinner fall between storms that evening/night.  Sunday fishing was much better (water came up to slightly better levels), with a mild sulphur spinner fall and A LOT of sz 18 tan/brown caddis out in the evening.  Some fish looking up, but most were eating subsurface.  Caught a holdover fish in the middle of the park (14” – only holdover so far this year).   Not much bass activity for me.

Mad:  Friday night the sulphurs were good, not great near 55.   No drakes by 10:45pm.

Whew!  Must be May!

(now, it’s cicada time!)

Jon Horn"

Ann Heuerman wrote in last weekend:

"Went up to the mad last week and caught six  browns between me and my three friends. Caught mine on a copper john and although it wasn't big, it was still my personal best for the mad. Once the sun started going down, others caught them on sulfers and rusty spinners. Sincerely, Ann Heuerman"

Way to go Ann!

Get out there and enjoy the weekend and let us know how you do! 

Clearfork River

Just like the Mad, pretty much the same report as last weekend. A big ol' crazy mix of bugs!!! Low water, but fishing has been good to excellent. Mostly evening fishing but some activity during the day and we have been getting a few reports of decent morning fishing as well. 

No Drakes yet but should be any moment now.....especially with sightings on the Mad today. Keep your eyes out for them and let us know if you see them. Most likely on the Upper with Light Cahills and Caddis being the main fare on the Lower.

Along with the mix of mayflies and caddisflies though, it's time to start thinking terrestrials up here as well. Don't leave home without ants and beetles in particular.

Frequent contributor and good friend Mike Letizia wrote in this week:

"Steve and I fished the UCF last evening. A few Cahills, some midges, small mayflies and Caddis seen. Steve got 7 on top, two real nice fish and had a good one break him off. I got 4."

Josh Trammel sent us this note on Wednesday:

"Fished the lower Clearfork last Saturday evening for about 5 hours and landed around 25 browns with several decent fish brought to hand! A small olive nymph under a caddis dry was the ticket. Thanks a bunch!- Josh"

Glad to see a great report from the lower. Caddis all the way down there although should be seeing good to Epic Light Cahill hatches in the evenings.

Get out there and enjoy the weekend and let us know how you do! 

Clear Creek

Again, pretty much the same report as last weekend with the water even a touch lower. Low and clear to say the least. There have been plenty of bugs though and the dry fly fishing has been good to excellent. Mostly early or late with the best fishing coming right before dark.

Most activity has been on caddis and midges, as you read last week. Also don't forget your soft hackles. A few decent fish taken this week on them but that's not news.....

You may need to go longer and lighter on your leaders with these flows and the clarity. A gorgeous time to be in the park down there!

Let us know how you do this weekend!

Erie Steelhead

Low and Clear water throughout the region but still plenty of Lake Run smallies to be had!

Heard of some ginormous fish being caught this week!!! The popper fishing in particular has really picked up. They are smashing Boogle Bullets and Poppers!

Didn't get guides out as we promised last weekend as the clients opted for Pike fishing instead but hoping to get some pics for our next report.

Should be a great weekend for smallmouth fishing around the state but of course we LOVE the Erie tribs when the lake fish are in!

Send a report and photo....get a sticker. Make sure to include your address to send to.

Check back tomorrow afternoon for an update.

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