Saturday, September 24, 2016

Customers ARE Friends!

Hello all at MRO.

I want to thank Pat Kelly again for all his help getting ready for my DIY musky fishing trip to Lake St. Clair this past week.  Pat was great in helping me with getting the correct materials and techniques for tying musky flies as well as a wealth of information on working the flies and general musky behavior and tendencies.  Oddly enough this musky hit a small clouser I had tied for bass.  I was definitely surprised but thrilled to catch my first musky ever let alone first on the fly.  We had a great trip filled with white bass, largemouth, pike, perch, smallmouth and the one landed musky. Had several others hit just not landed.

Once again, all the folks at MRO should be commended for their willingness to share knowledge and time put in helping those of us who love fly fishing. It is greatly appreciated.

Way to go Brian.  You have assembled a great team which I truly look forward to speaking with each time I am in the shop.

I consider everyone at MRO my friends.

Have a great fall.

Dan Dunkley

From all of us at MRO:

Thanks for the note and kind words Dan. 

Here at Mad River Outfitters, exceptional customer service is our #1 goal. Not good, not average, but exceptional. Period. 

Education is the cornerstone of our business as well and as you know, we are always willing to share and to help.

We don't just "sell stuff". We build relationships, and yes, friendships with our customers that are built to last. 

That's how we have been in business for 23 years and look forward to another 23!

See you soon!

Mad River Outfitters
Midwest Fly Fishing Schools

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Columbus, Ohio 43214