Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fishing Reports- Weekend Update

Quite a bit of feedback this weekend....and with FREE MRO hats on the line we thought we'd better update.

"Hey boys, Large mouth and crappie still biting on Landen  lake and surrounding ponds.  These beauties liked  an olive woolly buggger.  Heading to steelhead ally the week of Thanksgiving for my first try chasing chrome. I hope conditions approve some before then. Planning  to hit the mad on my way up, praying for RAIN, RAIN RAIN." - Bryan O'Maley

**Thanks as always Brian and thanks for including your address in the e-mail. We'll get your MRO lid out early this week.

* Kevin Lang was out today with MRO guide Josh McQueen and scored big! Ohio Pike continues to be HOT. Stop in the shop Kevin and we'll get you that FREE hat we promised.

* Our great friend (24 years?) Mike "Bo" Bowman was out for smallmouth in Central Ohio today and did very well. He doesn't know it but we have access to his phone so we stole this pic (no..we wouldn't). Regardless, he's due an MRO Lid. Stop in the shop Bo and pick one out...we know you'll be in tomorrow!

"Fished about hour in shallow, deep, fast and slow.....then I found them... it was game on thereafter.." -Bo

* No word from Pat on the Musky excursion on Friday. For those of you who know him, that's not a surprise. He doesn't kiss and tell all that much. Hopefully we can get this Musky bite going here in Ohio and really crank things into high gear on the toothy critters. He'll be in the shop tomorrow so watch Social Media in case he has something to report.

And on the Steelhead Front-

* As we stated in Friday's report, a ton of folks were heading up to the Alley this weekend. Even with the fairly dire conditions right now, a few have reported some decent fish. Hopefully we'll have some more to report via Social Media early in the week but here is what we have as of Sunday night.

"Thought I would send you guys a pick of my first Steelhead. caught this beautiful Hen today.  Thanks for the help with the gear."- Bob Wing

* Our pleasure Bob and congrats on your 1st. Welcome to Fly Fishing in Ohio. Stop in this week and pick out a FREE MRO Hat. It's the least we can do.....appreciate the recent support.

* MRO Guide Patrick Campbell was also out the other day and got this beauty. He did although say that he hadn't seen fishing this slow in some time. Again, as stated in Friday's report....WE NEED RAIN!

"She was so much fatter than this picture shows. Made a few nice jumps as well. Covered a lot of water and worked hard for this prize yesterday."- Patrick Campbell

Thanks as always for reading and hopefully we can start writing some more positive reports. Keep the pics coming friends....the FREE Hat deal will run through Thanksgiving!!! Send to and don't forget to include your address.

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