Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Notes from the Field: Andros Island Bonefish Club

From trip host Ryan Ratliff- MRO Fly Tying Manager and Guide: 

"We decided to grab out 8wt, 10wt, and spinning rods so we would be prepared for anything. Today the fish were off the flats mudding in deeper water so we hit one of Shaun's super secret backwaters. Wading back home is one of my favorite things to do...Wading for bonefish is just that much better! We found lots of fish tailing in skinny water and were hooking up left and right. Fishing around mangroves adds another challenge when the fish decide to run through them. We also let Shaun show us how it is done! We got it handed to us on a few, but were able to land plenty. Shaun took time not only to call out fish, but to fine tune our casts and explain fish behavior."

Shawn Leadon of the Andros Island Bonefish Club

"On the way in for the day we decided to fish a small creek. There were a few bonefish heading up on the rising tide, but they were not willing to chase a fly. Around the first bend we saw a large school of
baitfish bust the surface. Once we were a little closer we spotted the reason. A large Baracuda was chasing the bait. I grabbed the spinning rod and launched the Cuda tube and burned it back. The Cuda charged full speed and with only two cranks of line left I started to sweep the rod preparing to figure 8...I didn't know what else to do! Just as I turned the tube away from the boat the Cuda struck and begin to go crazy! Hard runs, tail walking, big jumping head shakes, and into the mangroves he went. I might not know much about saltwater fishing, but I know how to fight big fish. We were able to keep him from getting too deep into the mangroves and I fought him out. He ended up being one of my biggest fish ever and a memory that I will never forget!"

Ryan with a personal best!

Some action from day 2 at the Andros Island Bonefish Club:

Bob Matis

Curtis Henshaw

Jay Gross

From our good friend, great customer and trip participant Bob Matis:

"We had several good hookups in the backwater marshes with aggressive large bonefish. A few broke off, but we managed to bring in some nice fish. Another good day on the water, with fantastic scenery, weather, great guides, and helpful instruction on the art of fishing the flats of Andros Island.  Hospitality from MRO host and the AIBC staff and guides is wonderful. Food and drink is superb!"

And more from trip host Ryan Ratliff today:

"Bob and I (Ryan) were slated to head out with guide Danny today as Curtis and Jay were heading to the West side of the Island with Shaun. (All I can say about their trip is they have the tarpon bug. They will do a write up soon) The wind was still blowing hard out of the north and we also had cloud cover. Fishing was tough today. We had trouble seeing the fish before they saw us. Despite the tough conditions Danny was still able to get us on fish. We had to fish some more secluded backwater to keep out of the wind which was clouding the water. Danny knew exactly where to find fish. We fished flooded mangroves and had to "fight them dirty" as Danny laughter as I would not let them run hardly at all. We saw more tails today then noses, but still had a good day and landed fish."

More Cuda action today

Curtis Henshaw with the fish of the trip so far!

Stay tuned.....a few days left on the trip.......

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