Friday, November 3, 2017

Pieroway Switch Rods designed by Jerry French

"CQFT" Close Quarters Fishing Tools- designed by Jerry French

The Pieroway Renegade is an ultra compact switch series utilizing the laterst in carbon fiber technology and designed to be highly functional in close quarters fishing situations. Every detail from the rod tapers and actions to the handle styles are designed to minimize the learning curve and maximize fishing performance for new switch anglers and the experienced two-handed caster alike. Each rod is designed to match with an ultra compact Skagit or Scandi line, like the new Scientific Anglers Spey Lite, that can then be tailored to a wide tip window for maximum versatility with absolutely no guess work. (Extensive and thorough line recommendations for each on our website).

"Minimize the voodoo and maximize performance and fun". 

The Pieroway Renegade is offered in line weights 3 through 9 and feature unique lengths and taper designs to enable a versatile rod that is easly loading yet quick recovering. This is a rod series for the angler who enjoys fishing in many different locations. Characterized by pewter colored blanks, titanium guides with army green wraps, lightweight woven graphite reel seat and camouflaged rubberized cork handle with a removable bottom handle (3-5wt), this unique rod series gives the caster the option to use either handle style for easy two-handed casting or an awesome fighting butt. Simply remove the bottom handle to cast single hand Skagit or overhead without the bottom handle interfering with the running line. The Pieroway Renegade does it all with fluidity, precision and power.

From super small creeks for Brookies to small Bass, or out of the boat casting streamers, the Pieroway Renegade 8'6" 3wt, 9' 4wt and 9'6" 5wt are a triple threat designed to perform equally well in an overhead, single hand or two-handed Skagit with removable bottom handles. We are particularly excited about the 9'6" 5wt for swinging soft hackles around here for Trout!

Pieroway Renegade R863- 8'6" 3wt- Click Here

Pieroway Renegade R904- 9' 4wt- Click Here

Pieroway Renegade R965- 9'6" 5wt- Click Here

The 10'6" 6wt was designed to perform equally well overhead off the beach for sea run Cutthroat or single hand Skagit out of the boat for big Trout or Bass to swinging for pounders on the Rogue. This is our favorite choice around the Erie region for someone that wants a rod that excels at High Stick Indicator fishing but can then turn right around and swing like a champ! The 11' 7wt and 11'6" 8wt are the perfect close quarters casting tools, from the Pacific Northwest coastal rivers with bank-to-bank brush, to Michigan's Pere Marquette to swinging for big Trout in Alaska. The 12' 9wt was designed to be an ultra easy casting big gun perfect for all Pacific Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead. Matched with the proper head and tip window, these rods are easy to learn and excel at Skagit style casting tactics. 

Pieroway R1066- 10'6" 6wt- Click Here

Pieroway R1107- 11' 7wt- Click Here

Pieroway R1168- 11'6" 8wt- Click Here

Pieroway R1209- 12' 9wt- Click Here

All of the Pieroway Renegade Switch Rods come with a padded rod tube, camouflage rod sock and feature an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty- with a $50.00 bench fee.

We are also extremely excited about the new "Spey Lite" series of lines from our friends at Scientiific Anglers. These new lines match up PERFECTLY with the Pieroway Switch rods and Jerry designed them as such. New also for Fall 2017 is the Sonar Leaders and TC Textured Tips.  These lines and tips, along with these new rods, have revolutionized "Trout Spey" and "Compact Switch" fishing!

Check out the new SA Spey Lite Scandi- Click Here

Check out the new SA Spey Lite Skagit- Click Here

Check out the new SA Sonar Leaders- Click Here

Check out the new SA TC Textured Tips- Click Here

For each of the Pieroway Rods, we have made exact line recommendations on our web page to help take the mystery out of what to throw on them. You can find these in the descriptions of each individual rod. If you have any questions though, we are always happy to help. We have spent alot of time now with these new rods, lines and tips and can help you dial-it-in perfectly!

Mad River Outfitters now features Pieroway Renegade Compact Switch Rods! In the shop or the online store.

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