Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fly Fishing for Carp with Mulberry Flies

Fly Fishing for Carp with Mulberry Flies......what could be more exciting! 

Round about late May/early June around here, the Mulberries start to ripen and begin to fall into the water, and the carp take notice. This activity usually lasts well into July. During this time, they are so focused on eating them that they won't take anything but, and you need to have the right fly. Below you will find links to the flies on our website, as well as a video on how to tie our favorite pattern.

We are celebrating Carp season around here in a big way, by releasing the "Carpin" DVD on our YouTube Channel. This legendary instructional DVD features our own Brian Flechsig, along with guests Dave Whitlock, Jerry Darkes, Michael Bennett and Jim Andrix. Find the link to the 1st Chapter here and then watch the remainder on our YouTube Channel.

We have also installed links here where you can watch the legendary "Carp" Episode of the Walker's Cay Chronicles with Brian Flechsig and Flip Pallot. Some good information contained there as well on successfully catching carp on Mulberries.

Mulberry Flies

Mulberry - Purple

Mulberry- Black

These are the flies here that are referenced in the DVD as well as the Walker's Cay Chronicles. It is designed to sink and is by far our top choice.

Dirk's Mulberry fly gets an honorable mention and is another pattern that we sell in the shop. It works well when the berries are floating and the fish are eating them off of the surface. This is a minority of the time in our experience around here but we do sell a ton of these as well.

Learn how to tie the Mulberry fly

Carpin'- the DVD

Chapter 1 here- remaining chapters being released on our YouTube Channel over the next few weeks!

The Walker's Cay Chronicles- "Carpin' Episode"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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