Friday, July 8, 2016

Fishing Reports- 7/8/16

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

* Summer is definitely setting in around here.....and we are showing the signs. Waters throughout the region are super low, and some dangerously low. Local anglers seem to be slowing down a bit and many folks in the shop are now gearing up for Alaska and Western trips. Things are just coming into play in other areas of the country!

* Brian is headed to Orlando next week for the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show. Stay tuned as he will have some reports and updates on the "latest and greatest" in the fly fishing world. 

* Josh is headed up to Alaska on the 16th and should have updates and photos as he goes. 

* End of the month brings the annual trip to the Slide Inn to visit our old friend Kelly Galloup. As always, we'll be posting reports as this trip goes.

* E-news should go out early next week. Not on our e-mail list...hit the front page of the website and be sure to register. Button on the top nav bar.

* All of us here at MRO would like to extend a HUGE thanks to our loyal friends and customers. We just finished yet another record year here at the shop and we have you all to thank! We couldn't do this without your!!!


* Seems that the Cicada hatch is winding down...much to our dismay. These guys had provided weeks of some of the best surface fishing we had seen in years. Most anglers are reporting that they are still seeing a few but not many on the water. It was fun while it lasted and hopefully you got to experience this incredible fishing.

* Carpin' is still going strong! Andy has been having one of his best guide seasons in years and many happy clients can attest. Although the mulberry action is slowing up a bit, we are still getting them. Other offerings though have been producing well also and the carp fishing should remain good for the rest of the Summer. Just gonna have to put the "fruit flies" away here before long.

Our old friend and customer Dave Trego was out with Andy last week and did well. He's also headed to Montana with Brian at the end of the month!

* Smallmouth fishing throughout the region has been pretty good, but also suffering a bit from the low water conditions and lack of rain. A mixed bag of flies producing! Large white streamers, Boogle Bug sliders and poppers and many anglers reporting fish starting to key in on crayfish.

One good thing about the low clear water is that many anglers are out sight fishing for smallies. Just need to be stealthy so as not to spook them.

* A few anglers sending reports this week from up on the Lake as well:

"Thanks to Andy for the suggestion of the SA Sonar Titan line paired with the TFO Impact 6 I bought earlier this year. I'm able to dredge up Lake Erie Drum all day long!

My Licking County Lab named Nellie loves to help me fish. 

Thanks again guys!"- Alex Calfee

Alex Calfee destroying the drum up at Put-in-Bay

Hope everyone is having a great Summer and make sure to follow-along on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the local fishing as well as MRO travel.

Mad River

Wow! We haven't seen the river this low, this early, in many years. Pretty tough out there friends.

We have definitely moved into "terrestrial" mode here with ants and beetles on the surface being your best bet at catching fish. There are still a few mayflies around, including some Tricos in the mornings, but it has become slim pickings. Also decent numbers of caddisflies around but not like we are used to.

Nymphs and streamers of course always catch fish, but the water levels are just making it tough. Combine this with the algae that has built up and makes for tough fishing below the surface.

There has also been a huge "aluminum hatch" this season and canoe traffic is making things challenging for anglers, especially on the weekends. Just FYI, they typically put the boats in a Lippincott Rd. and lowest take-out is down at Rte. 55 so if you are fishing during the day, best to be above or below to avoid most of the traffic.

Let's all pray for rain. We need it bad! Anybody come up with a better report this week...send it along and we'll post it.

In the meantime, our friend Ed Muldoon sent this report and pic last week:

"Hey guys, Fished upper valley. Fish let me get away with dries early, a couple nice ones even, took maybe a dozen. I was surprised. Upstream dry flies, great fun, can't beat it. No hatch matching, Goddard caddis and quill Adams rig was all it took. Did see a sulphur spinner in a spider web, small size #18.  Could not even nymph the higher up I went, do I need to say it's like rubber cement up there?! Slow and low is an understatement. You can spook the fish from 50 feet away with your fly line. Not even lining em, all it takes is that line hitting the water, even gently. Could get in front of them, wait and hide for a few minutes, and fish to them downstream. Long leaders and no false casts in the upper stretches!  Spotted several very large fish there. Night time would be a little easier. Saw ants, Japanese beetles, white wooly worms. Hoppers still off the menu. Next time I'll fish a white wooly bugger dry, greased, with lots of twitching. Got a big one to strike on a Japanese beetle fished downstream while I hid in the scrub. The fish vaporized after the first cast however. He had some heft.

Tried the lower river and it's like the county fair out there. Weekdays only right now!"- Ed Muldoon

Frequent contributor Ed Muldoon- always good for a report!- Thanks Ed

Clearfork River

Pretty much the same story as the Mad....super low and super clear.

Not too many reports from the Clearfork the past few weeks and it seems that most anglers  are opting to head down to the Mohican itself for some smallmouth action. Actually, a few anglers that were chasing trout down in the park wound up having a banner smallmouth day!

The lower is definitely too low and warm to think about trout fishing right now. A big push of water might change that for a bit but best to think of warmwater species if you are in the park.

The upper has been ok, with most anlgers reporting fishing either terrestrials or caddis. There have been good caddis hatches in the evenings and fish have been up rising to the pupa as well as some adults. Ants, beetles and crickets have really turned on and have been producing a decent number of fish, although not nearly the activity we saw in April and May.

Still a few reports also of some Light Cahills around in the evenings but really seems to be winding down.

Let's hope for some rain. We need some "trout relief".

Clear Creek

As you have already guessed.....low, low, low.....and clear, clear, clear.

With the water conditions combined with the water temps, it's probably best to think about warmwater fishing. Unless you live close and can make a quick trip either early or late, it would be best not to stress the fish on Clear Creek.

Our friend Elliot Cantwell does live close and was able to get out for a bit a few evenings ago and sent this report:

"Hey guys,
Fished Wednesday evening since water temperatures were okay. Hoppers, ants, and beetle patterns took a few fish.  Copper johns and flashy nymphs worked well also. No bug activity to speak of on the surface.  Focus tight to rocks and wood."- Elliot Cantwell

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