Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gary Loomis' Edge Fly Rods

Gary Loomis' mantra "weight is a deterrent to performance" frames his new line of EDGE fly rods. For five years as chief designer, Gary Loomis has built conventional rods and designed blanks for his company, North Fork Composites (NFC) in Woodland, Washington. Two years of collaboration with Temple Fork Outfitters' design team, these mad in the USA, ultra-responsive, ultra-high performace rods offered in two distinct actions are an experienced caster's dream and the latest project by Edge.

The moderate-action (gamma alpha) rods are finished with naked graphite, elegant up-locking reel seats with burled buckeye spacers, Mike McCoy Snake Brand snake guiddes, Alps XN stripping guides, and premium Portugese half-wells grips. 

Similarly finished, the fast-action (gamma beta) rods have full-wells grips with fighting butts and Alps machined anodized aluminum reel seats.

What does this all mean? Besides being the closest thing on the market to a custom built rod, made in America, Gary's design team has significantly reduced weight, allowing for optimal performance from the material. Mike's Snake Brand guides have a concave foot that adheres to the blank reducing thread, epoxy and most importantly, weight, which is further reduced by the natural, smooth, naked graphite blanks. Combining these features creates incredible recovery, resulting in longer, more accurate, and more efficient casting.

The 2016 Field and Stream buyers' guide lists Edge fly rods as a "must have". Other testimonials include "this is the first rod that has actually disappeared in my hand as I cast? and "I have never been able to roll cast like I can with this rod!".

"The rod is remarkably smooth, shock and vibration free. Tracking and accuracy are excellent. It easily loads and efficiently releases energy with great's casting performance will amaze"- Ed Jaworowski

"Just had a chance to try several of the newly released Edge fly rods.

In a sense it was Deja Vouz....a trip back through time to the Gary Loomis GLX....but with newer, lighter, higher modulus materials and classy furniture.

Not for everyone, these extremely high performance tools are 'MONSTERS'. Their price tag puts them out of reach of many....but.....if you're an advanced caster whose skills can keep up with this rod family and whose wallet can stand the interruption...this may be your stick!

I'm mightily impressed and holding out for one!!!" - Flip Pallot

You can find the new Loomis Edge Fly Rods in Columbus, Ohio at our shop or browse them on the web.....

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