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Fishing Reports- 1/14/17

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

Thanks as always for reading our reports friends. As the weather gets more conducive we should be reporting more regularly....but we need your HELP!

Send any and all reports to admin@madriveroutfitters and we'll do our best to get them up.


* The weather has been crazy this winter so far, but great for us wanting to get a jump on our first fish of the year.  The rain has been flushing out the ice and left over junk from our low water this fall.  This weekend has most rivers high, but there are some opportunities to get out and fish.  Read below for more specifics.

* This week we announced that the proceeds from the Fly Fishing Film Tour on Thursday, March 9th will go to the Mayfly Project. We are pretty stoked about this and thrilled that we can help and to turn some folks on to what this is about.

Hit up their website to learn more about what they do and be sure to join us in March to support their efforts.

* Another kind of cool thing that we'll be doing differently this year is that we will also set aside some of the proceeds to go to previous benefactors. Some of the monies will go to Project Healing Waters, Reel Recovery and Casting for Recovery so that we can continue to be a positive influence on their efforts. We are gonna need EXTRA support from you all this year.

We are also inviting those organizations to set up a booth at the show and of course they will be accepting donations!!!

* By the way- Tickets for the F3t go on SALE this coming Monday at 10:00 a.m. Watch for a link on Social Media as well as on our website.

* This week we also partnered up with Smithfly and the Jetboat Chronicles and will be co-sponsoring the "Mid America Swap Meet" coming up on Saturday, January 28th. Details can be found here but we'll also get some more up here and on Social Media this week. 

We have also added a new guide to our staff of Professional Fly Fishing Guides. Donnie Knight will be joining the team and guiding a bit on the Mad River for Trout as well as the Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers for Smallmouth. He and Pat and Josh are also working on some new ideas as well that you should be hearing about this Spring. You can read a bit more about him on the Blog post from this past Tuesday.

* Really getting pumped for the Columbus Fishing Expo coming up on February 10th- 12th. Mad River Outfitters/Midwest Fly Fishing Schools will have a huge presence at the show this year. On-hand and doing seminars will be Brian Flechsig, Jerry Darkes, Jeff Liskay and Donnie Knight. We will also be joined by Scientific Anglers, Korkers Boots, Smithly, Patagonia and more.

Gonna be a great show! Click Here to learn more and to see the times of the seminars by MRO/MWFF.

Trip Updates

* This week was supposed to be our annual January Peacock Bass Trip but rains and high waters put the brakes on that. Pat Kelly was all packed up and ready to lead 11 anglers into the Jungle but plans had to be changed.

This January group has been rescheduled to October 21st- 28th and we will now have a few spots open on this week. We will also be hosting our normal January trip for 2018 and the dates on that will be the 13th- 20th. Click Here for more details and pricing on these trips.

Pat Kelly - rescheduled to October and Brian Flechsig hosting January 

* Looks like Ryan Ratliff will be hosting the Andros Island Bonefish Trip coming up in February. (Brian was slated to go but turns out has a scheduling conflict so Ryan gets the call). This is a great time to get down to the Tropics and out of the cold. Some of the best bonefishing on the planet....our 18th year at the Andros Island Bonefish Club! A few spots open! Click Here for details and pricing and give Ryan a call if interested.

Ryan is looking forward to the Bonefish Trip. Want to join?

* Just had our 1st group come back from Chile and of course.....a great time was had by all. The Willet family joined Nico Gonzalez and had nothing but rave reviews. Click Here to learn more about what we do in Chile each Winter.

Should have some more photos up later this week in the Chile Photo Album.

* Just announced last week! A September Alaska trip that we are calling "Naktoberfest". This trip will focus on swinging big flies with two-handed rods for GIANT rainbow trout on the famed Naknek River. Best of all, this trip will be hosted by Jeff Liskay. One of the top names in the two-hand Switch and Spey Casting world. We are honored to have Jeff host this trip for us. Click Here for details and the amazing pricing on this trip.

Jeff Liskay hosts "Naktoberfest"- September 23rd- 30th, 2017

Other upcoming trips in 2017-

* Michigan Steelhead- Muskegon River Lodge- March 26-29- Click Here

* Alaska Sampler Trip- Naknek River Camp- July 22nd- 29th with hosts Jerry Darkes and Josh McQueen- Click Here

* Slide Inn Montana Trip- July 30th- August 5th- with hosts Brian Flechsig and Kelly Galloup- Click Here

* San Juan River- New Mexico- Soaring Eagle Lodge- September 16th- 21st with host Andy Jensen- Click Here

* New Orleans Redfish- Woodland Plantation- September 23rd- 28th- with host Brian Flechsig- Click Here

Fly Fishing Trips designed to EXCEED your Expectations since 1994!

Mad River

The Mad is just starting to get into the right conditions here over the weekend.....although more rain is on the way so we'll have to see what happens.

 The levels are still on the high side with the lower being to high to wade.  This weekend the focus will be on the upper. 

It does look like we are getting some of the "streamer conditions" that we were hoping for....finally. Streamers and nymphs will be the way to go here.

The forecast looks great with rain early in the week and great temps for the following weekend. Should be a good week ahead for Mad River anglers and we are hoping that you send us some photos of some hogs!!!!

As for Nymphs fish big nymphs followed by smaller nymphs and soft hackles.  For patterns in the Nymph category Guide Choice Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Copper Johns, Jimmy Legs and dont overlook the San Juan.  As for streamers supply yourself with a good mix of colors and rotate through them as needed.  Pick up any Galloup pattern that is big and articulated.  Dungeons, Barely Legals, Bottom Up, Cougars and Totally Articulateds will produce.  Make sure to have your sink-tip lines and 6-8wts!  

Clearfork River

Things look pretty rough for the Clear Fork for the next week or so.  The upper is blown out and not fishable.  Down in the Park they are letting out water and is not safe to wade as it is getting close to being out of the banks.  We suggest taking the trip to the Mad or focusing on Steelhead.  

Clear Creek

The creek is currently high and muddy.  Fishing this weekend will be tough.  This creek does not clear out fast in the winter due to the headwaters being in farmland.  If you are in the area bring your streamer rod, sink-tip, and big articulated streamer.  If that is not your game then focus on big nymphs in faster water that meets the slower pools.  Fish are well dispersed so any access point will produce.  Looking at the predicted forecast Monday and Tuesday will be even better and could possibly start to really clear out. 

Flies are going to be the same as before...Nymphs- Guide Choice Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Copper Johns, Jimmy Legs...  As for Streamers- Dungeons, Barely Legals, Woolly Sculpin, Zoo Cougars...just make sure you have a good mix of colors.  

Erie Steelhead

Everything is very high as we write this report, but some streams will start fishing by Sunday. 

Mostly we will be focusing on the Eastern Tribs as soon as Sunday.  By Monday and early Tuesday we are looking forward to some great fishing.  There is some rain in the forecast also, but that will setup the follwing weekend for some of the best conditions we have had in a long time.  Now is the time to start planing on taking those sick days and get your guide trips booked before they fill up! 

Flies-  EGGS EGGS EGGS and a few buggers and Zonkers...not much more needs to be added...but as always you need to have a good mix of nymphs in your box also.  Make sure you have a good mix of colors of eggs and dont forget the Trout Beads. 

We'll check-in 1st part of the week as we start fishing and always stay tuned via Social Media for "instant updates".

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