Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fly Fishing Film Tour- Tickets on Sale Now!

Thursday, March 9th 2017

Gateway Film Center
1550 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and show starts at 7:00

Tickets: $15.00 in the shop or online  (show will sell out so no plans to have at the venue)

* Bring some extra cash to buy Raffle tickets. Sure to be some great prizes to be had

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Additional sponsors:

Central Ohio Fly Fishers

Madmen Chapter of Trout Unlimited

2017 Raffle Prizes

Raffle Tickets will be $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. We will be accepting cash, credit cards or checks. You will be able to place tickets into a seperate container for each Gran Raffle Prize individually. General Raffle will be picked from the table as numbers are called.

* Grand Prizes
TBA Shortly

* Standard Raffle Prizes
TBA Shortly

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations:

Central Ohio Fly Fishers
Madmen Chapter of Trout Unlimited
more to come!

* Add your name or organization to this list? Donations surely accepted

Tickets will be $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00 and we will be able to accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards at the show.

Majority of the  proceeds go to benefit our friends at The Mayfly Project-

The Mayfly Project is a 501(c)(3) organization that uses fly fishing as a catalyst to mentor children in foster care. Our mission is to build relationships with children in foster care through fly fishing and introduce them to their local water ecosystems, with a hope that connecting them to a rewarding hobby will provide an opportunity for them to have fun, feel supported, and develop a meaningful connection with the outdoors.  The Mayfly Project's standard program is to mentor a foster child through five sessions we call "stages", just like the life cycle of a Mayfly.  Within these stages, the children learn line management, casting techniques, knot tying, etymology, river safety, mending tactics, hook setting, catch and release tactics and the value of conservation. At the end of the five stages the child is given his or her very own fly rod, reel, pack, fly box, flies, tippet, indicators, etc.  Each project is unique and may contain more or less stages, but the goal is to provide a well-round and safe fly fishing experience for children in foster care.

New this year! A portion of the proceeds will also benefit previous benefactors such as Reel Recovery, Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery. Depending on the support we get, up to $200.00 will go to each of these organizations. 

2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour
Thursday, March 9th

Mad River Outfitters
813 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214