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Fishing Reports- 6/17/17

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

Thanks as always for reading our reports friends. As the weather gets more conducive we should be reporting more regularly....but we need your HELP!

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Smallmouth Bass has continued to be the main talk in the shop.  Just before the rain this week the Scioto was just starting to fish great.  We will see how long it takes to come back down to safe levels.  If you fish gear and like to float the river then that will be the best option into early next week.  

The Olentangy was also starting to fish very well.  We personally have not been able to catch fish on poppers, but streamers have been the main ticket.  The river is currently muddy, but should fish by Sunday or Monday as they have just stopped releasing water at Delaware Dam.  

Matt Darrah was out with MRO guide Josh McQueen earlier this week and broke his personal best.....twice!!

If you are looking to fish close to the city this weekend then you will want to focus on Alum Creek, Little Darby, Big Walnut and other small creeks in the area.  There are many parks scattered throughout the area to access these small waters.  Find your local park and explore the water.  You might find some great fishing right in your "backyard."  The water temps are up making wet wading a good choice for those who look forward to this time every year.  There also have been many people out taking advantage of the warm water floating, swimming, and tubing so keep an eye out when casting.  

As for rod size we like to throw our 6-8wts with aggressive floaters or sink-tips.  There are some great rods in the shop for all budgets so make sure to give us a call or stop in and we will help you get the best rod for your situation.  Top picks for lines would be the Rio Big Nasty and Smallmouth or the Scientific Anglers Titan Taper and Clear Tip.  If you are not building your own leaders than either sign up for the Knots and Leader class or pick up some Rio Bass or Scientific Anglers Hard Mono Leaders.  Flies would be any of the Modern Streamers especially the Bottoms-Up in all colors, Boogieman, Clousers in all colors, Peanut, and Sump.

Above: "Conner's Uncle gave him the ultimate Christmas & Birthday present of a Private Warm Water School.  Conner and his Dad spent the morning learning about everything Smallmouth.  After a little knots and rigging we headed to their home water to apply what they learned.  We worked on casting, how to fish poppers and streamers, and how to unsnag a fly.  The water was still a little off color, but Chris did manage to catch a few small fish.  It is always great to educate a father and son together so they can make memories of their own!" - Guide and Instructor Ryan Ratliff

Education is the Cornerstone of our business. In all's what we do!!

Above: Lindsey Kittle and her brother Lee were out with Andy aboard the Fly-N-Carp last weekend. Fishing was exceptional.

Carp fishing is of course in full are the local mulberries. Great time to get out and chase carp on the fly in the local streams or lakes. They are starting to eat just about anything so mulberries, crayfish and nymphs should be in your box.

Mad River

We need some water.  For the most part the major mayfly hatches are finished and we have moved into the typical summer pattern.  It's time to start thinking Caddis and Terrestrials.
You may still see some Sulphers, a stray Slate Drake or Brown Drake but probably limited to the upper river at this point. You may also see some tiny little mayflies but they usually don't amount to much as far as the fish are concerned.

Combine lower water and high heat with heavy canoe and kayak traffic makes for a tough day on the water. If you are going to fish during the day, which is not adviseable, plan on tons of canoes getting in your way.

There is midge and Caddis activity as typical. Fishing a Griffiths Gnat or other midge dry can be a great choice when the fish are keying in on the little stuff.  As for the Caddis a variety of sized Elk Hair Caddis are a staple, but make sure to have a good variety of colors and sizes. Galloup's new Goober Caddis has also become a shop favorite.  

As for the terrestrials we always carry Galloup's Ant acid in both colors.  Others to have also are the Fur Ant, Sinking Ant, and HiVis Para-Ant.  When the fish are picky a Splitsville Flying Ant is hard to beat.  Don't forget about the Japanese Beetles and Dave's Cricket also.  Drop a Soft hackle or Drowned Caddis behind these and you are ready for anything.

Che Brindle on a float this past Tuesday with MRO guide Josh McQueen on the Mad. Although the fishing has slowed a bit, you can certainly still catch fish if you are patient and toss the right flies. Fish early and fish late....avoid mid-day.

Clearfork River

Clearfork Map

The upper Clear Fork is a great choice, but as with the Mad the mayfly hatches are pretty much over.  We have still been seeing some Light Cahills in the late evenings but the past few days this has slowed up and not enough to really get the fish going.

We would suggest fishing Midges and Caddis, but keep an eye out for fish raising to terrestrials.  Fishing a Cricket or Beetle with a Swing Nymph behind and cover water is a great option.  

The lower river is a great place to fish a bigger terrestrial like a Fat Albert with a caddis pupa like a Soft Hackle or Nitro Caddis behind.  There is a mix bag down there and just about anything will eat a big Terrestrial on top or settle for the nymph.  Focusing on Smallies with poppers and small streamers is also a great option also.   

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Map

The creek is super low right now.  Focus on small Caddis dries and Soft hackles.  With the higher water temps make sure to focus on the early mornings and land fish quickly.  

Fishing terrestrials also is a great option.  Flies are the same as for the Mad: carry Galloup's Ant acid in both colors.  Others to have also are the Fur Ant, Sinking Ant, and HiVis Para-Ant. 

When the fish are picky a Splitsville Flying Ant is hard to beat.  Don't forget about the Japanese Beetles and Dave's Cricket also.  Drop a Soft hackle or Drowned Caddis behind these and your ready for anything.

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