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Fishing Reports- 6/23/17

* Please remember to call us for more up-to-date or detailed information! These reports are not meant to be your one and only, daily source of information. They are typically general, even seasonal type reports and we currently don't have a set schedule as to when we update. Please, just because we don't update as often as we like, it doesn't mean that we don't care.

There are many different approaches you should take in order to get a good game plan for a trip or a day of fishing. Also remember that things change and these reports are what we know at the time of posting only. Keep in mind that we do express opinions and personal preferences from time-to-time which may be different from yours or what you may read elsewhere. Thanks for checking and don't forget to call us if you need any further information or a more up-to-date report. 614-451-0363

Thanks as always for reading our reports friends. As the weather gets more conducive we should be reporting more regularly....but we need your HELP!

Send any and all reports to admin@madriveroutfitters and we'll do our best to get them up.


Rain Rain Rain!!!  Things do not look really good going into the weekend and probably into mid week.  Focus your attention to the area ponds and lakes.  Especially focus on the waters that do not have large streams feeding the lake.  There is a cold front moving in that will put the bass off for a day or two.  Panfish usually do not get put off too much by a cold front.  Focus on the lake side of coves and back bays that are not muddy.

As for gear you will want 3-5wts for panfish and 6-8wts for bass.  Fishing an intermediate sinking line like a Scientific Anglers Titan Clear Tip is a great choice for both bass and panfish.  Small streamers, poppers, and nymphs are our go to's for the Bluegills and Crappies.  Don't over look the popper dropper rig on a 2x leader.  For bass you will want flies that have lots of movement and sink slowly.  This coming cold front will put off the bass popper bite, but fishing a J-Pig, Reaper, or SuperWorm off weed edges and drop off will produce the big fish.  For those who usually are trout bound take you rclousers, buggers, and other streamers to your local lake and pond and have fun.  

Mad River

The river is currently on the raise, but it will drop fast.  Look for there to be some streamer fishing on Saturday and Sunday with everything starting to clear out sometime Sunday.  Into next week small streamers is a good choice early and late if you need to fill your trout streamer cravings.  For those looking to dry fly fish focus on midges and caddis early and throughout the day then switch to terrestrials in the afternoon and evening.  Your boxes should consist of Fur Ants, Ant Acids, Power Ants, and Splitsvilles for ants patterns.  Elk Hair Caddis, Goddard, Henryville Specials, Soft Hackles,Swing Nymphs, Flashabou Caddis, and Downed Caddis will keep you stocked for the caddis game.  Do not overlook fishing Dave's Crickets, Fat Alberts, and Inch Worm patterns.  

This weekend if the water levels are ok to wade then pull out your 6-8wts, Rio Streamer Tips, and the biggest flies you can throw.  Make sure to have a wading staff with you if you are not familiar with the flows.  Call the shop if you are not sure of safe wadding levels.  

Into next week the Terrestrial game will require a 4-6wt 2-4x tippet, floatant and Loon Easy Dry.  Midges and other little dries will require 4-6x specialty dry fly leaders like Rio Suppleflex and 3-4wts.  You will need to have your technical Reach Casts, Arial Mends, and accuracy game well tuned.  If you need help with these cast make sure to get a private casting class or book your guide trip with that focus.  

Clearfork River

Clearfork Map

The upper river is blown.  We will let you know when things start to shape up.  The lower will likely start to raise as the Army Core starts to see the lake levels raise. 

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Map

The creek is blown and will not likely fish till next week.  We will keep you posted as things change.  

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