Saturday, May 12, 2018

Fly Tying- Stupidly Simple Caddis Larva

Stupidly Simple Caddis Larva

This fly came about a few years back when I was just starting to mess with UV resins. Have always done well here on the Mad with Green Caddis Larva, as well as elsewhere of course, and I sat down and knocked this one out and it's become a staple in my box since. I often fish it along with a soft hackle behind it and it really is deadly.

Just furthers my obsession these days with putting UV resin on almost any subsurface fly that I tie. This stuff has changed my game more than anything in recent years. Creates a really lifelike effect on nymphs! There isn't a wing case that I tie anymore that doesn't get coated with UV.

I's stupidly simple....but it works.

Brian Flechsig- May 2018

Stupidly Simple Caddis Larva Recipe:

Hook: Tiemco 2457 #14-16 (or equivalent)-  Click Here
Bead: Flymen NymphHeads Tungsten Caddis Bead- small-brown-  Click Here
Head: Peacock Herl (if no bead desired)-  Click Here
Rib: Ultra Wire Gold- Brassie Size- Click Here
Body: 4 strand Floss- Light Olive-  Click Here
Loon UV Resin- Thin Formula-  Click Here

1. Slide the bead onto the hook and start your thread. There is a proper "direction" to slide the bead on. They eyes should be closest to the eye of the hook. You can look at the picture on the item link and get a good idea there.

2. Getting the bead to stay in the proper, (upright) position can be a challenge. I combat this by wrapping a small thread dam behind it and then using UV to hold it in place. Again, look at the picture on the item page of the beads to get an idea of the proper placement.

3. Wrap your thread back to the bend, or a bit past being a curved caddis hook. Lash in the Gold Wire and then the Floss.

4. Wrap the floss body up the hook, creating a semblance of taper as you go. Tie off the floss just behind the bead.

5. Rib the fly with the Gold wire. Again, try to create a semblance of natural taper with the segmentation being closer together towards the rear and more spacing as you wrap towards the head. Tie off the Gold wire and then whip finish a few behind the bead.

6. Run a "candy coating" of UV over the back of the fly and hit it with your UV curing light.

7. Use a fine point black permanent marker to color in the "eyes" on the flymen bead. Not critical but just looks cool!

8. Done! I told's Stupidly Simple.

Take it fishing and let me know how you do!

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