Saturday, May 5, 2018

TFO Drift Fly Rod

The new Drift nymphing rod from Temple Fork Outfitters is one of the most significant advancements in specific nymph rods.....ever.  Goes from 9', 10', 11'3" to 12'3" pick depending on conditions and water.

The TFO Drift Fly Rod is designed to be light in overall weight, fast damping and well balanced as they used a mixture of their highest modulus carbon fiber along with a down-locking reel seat and removable weighted fighting butt. You can further fine tune balance with 3/8th inch ID washers – depending on the weight of your reel. The tip is ultra-sensitive allowing one to distinguish between a subtle take and a bottom tick with a soft tipped action that protects the very light tippets often needed to sustain a drift and remain invisible to a selective trout.

The versatility of this rod will amaze as it can be fished as a traditional 9’ 4 piece 3 weight, add a 1’ section to make it a 10’ rod, a 27 inch section to make it an 11’ 3 inch rod, or add both conversion sections for a length of 12’ 3 inches. So from traditional 3 weight lines to the tight line nymphing techniques including French, Czech and Polish styles, you’ll make the “leader only” tuck casts with accuracy and ease – at any rod length. Finally, we included a 3 inch lower cork grip that replaces the weighted fighting butt – perfect for the new micro spey lines and techniques… just pick the optimal length for the environment and application.


Jason Randall, design coordinator, challenged TFO to create stripping guides that would allow one to add one or more sections without un-stringing line, leader and flies. A big challenge but they did it… and have patented a guide that Lefty called one of the greatest innovations he has seen in the last 50 years. Rod length can be changed on stream in a matter of seconds and a reel with a couple of spare spools carrying a WF 3, nymphing setup and micro spey and you are well armed for any challenge you might face.

"We believe this is the most innovative and versatile fly rod ever designed – thanks to Jason’s help. There are virtually no trout fishing environments were the selection of conversion options will prove less than superb presentation to the most selective of trout. The rod also bridges the gap between traditional Tenkara and fly rods with reels."- Temple Fork Outfitters 

TFO Drift Fly Rod- TF-03-90-6-D- includes rod case and sack as shown


3 weight line (but works with a variety and we'd be happy to consult)

9' 4pc without fighting butt = 3.4 oz

9' 4pc with fighting butt  = 4.5 oz

10' 5pc with fighting butt = 4.9 oz

11'3" 5pc with fighting butt = 5.5 oz

12'3 6pc with fighting butt = 5.6 oz

OUTFIT SPECIAL- We have worked with Jason Randall and TFO and have put together the ultimate "Outfit" here. Get the rod, a TFO BVK II Fly Reel and we'll load it up with a Rio Euro Nymph Line and put on a Rio Euro Nymph Leader. A $750.00 value so you are basically getting the backing, line and leader for FREE. Be sure to tell us whether you retrieve with you right or left hand on the reel.

* Please remember, if you decide to "Make this an Outfit".....(if you want a different reel/line set-up than above). Simply purchase a reel and a line and tell us which hand your retrieve the reel with. We'll load up the reel properly and the backing will be on us! Click the "Outfit" tab above for more details.

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